How to download and save files directly to OneDrive on iOS

Although, OneDrive is a Microsoft application for Windows, this can be also run on the iOS. With OneDrive on your iOS device, you can share your files, photos, folders same as on a PC or Mac. If you want to use OneDrive on your iPhone and iPad, then here is how to set it up on your iPhone and save files directly to OneDrive.

How to Set Up OneDrive on your iOS device

As soon as you sign in with your account in Microsoft Windows 10, you can download and save your files directly from OneDrive to your File Manager app. The similar thing you can do on your iOS device but this is a little different, and you have to do some settings first.

Steps setting up OneDrive on iOS:

1.    Open ‘App Store’ on your iOS device.

2.    Download ‘OneDrive’ on your device.

3.    Now, Launch the app.

4.    Go to ‘Login section.’

5.    And log in with your ‘Microsoft Account.’

6.    Now, open the local ‘Files app’ of your iPhone or iPad.

7.    Tap ‘Edit’ at the top of the left pane.

8.    Turn on ‘OneDrive’ toggle.

That’s it! Your OneDrive account is set up with the files app of your iPhone or iPad. Now you can view your OneDrive folders and files on your Files app and also access them.

Next, you need a ‘Shortcuts’ app for further process. Shortcuts app is available on the App Store, and it is Apple’s own application.

•    Open ‘App Store’ on your iOS device.

•    Search for ‘Shortcuts app.’

•    And start downloading.

How to download and save files from OneDrive on iPhone or iPad

Set up OneDrive and download Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, now you are ready to download and save files from OneDrive on your iOS device.

1.    Launch the ‘Shortcuts’ app.

2.    Now, add the ‘Download File shortcut’ to the Shortcuts app on your iOS device.

3.    Go to the web page from where you want to download the file.

4.    You need URL of the downloading page to download the file.

5.    Navigate to the ‘URL bar.’

6.    Copy the ‘URL’ to the clipboard.

7.    Now, open the ‘Shortcuts app.’

8.    And start running the ‘Download File’ shortcut.

9.    Wait to download the file.

10.    Once it downloads, you will see the prompt to select a location to save the file.

11.    Choose OneDrive location to save.

12.    And tap on ‘Add’ to confirm.

That’s it! The file is saved to the location in OneDrive you have selected. Now, the data is available on all of the devices that are connected with your OneDrive either Windows PC or your Mac, and you can view and access on both.

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