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Every gamer desires to showcase their gameplay with others to show off some of their skills but it is essential to know what exact specifications can improve in your gameplay streaming and how can you ultimately stream better gameplay with the wider audience across the world.

If you are not sure and are looking for some upgrades in your system hardware, then refer to the tips and tricks mentioned below to better understand what hardware upgrades would suit you.


Having a robust processor is must for any gaming lover as boosted devices can serve a much reliable stream. A lot of load is imparted on the system processor during a live stream or gameplay recording so having an i5 or i7 processor would allow you to stream large files with the live audience without much lag.


If we are considering the specs of a system for intense gameplay, then a gamer should always make sure to have at least 16  GB of RAM which would help in rendering big files and smoothly run background applications like the recorder, editor, etc. without any hindrance in the gameplay.

Graphics Card

On the other hand, a viable Graphics Card is also mandatory for high-end gaming experience and impactful picture quality. So a minimum of 2 GB GPU is must, but if your pocket allows and you are absolutely serious toward your gaming then having a 5 GB graphics card would allow you even to access VR titles for streaming.

 Graphics Card is considered amongst the most expensive hardware item in a computer system so before purchasing 5 GB GPU consider your requirements as to what kind of games you are planning to play on your system and does your budget allows you to head for such expensive add-ons.


 If you are planning to live stream your gameplay on different platforms like Discord, Twitch or YouTube then having a webcam will serve as an additional perk to attract viewers to your stream, as a webcam would allow viewers to spectate you while playing and enjoy your reactions in real time.

This would surely create a personal bond between you and your subscribers and help in promoting your channel so that you can add a webcam to the list of required gaming hardware’s.

Cooling System

It is not possible for every individual to purchase an expensive Liquid Cooling gaming PC but inevitably one can undermine the status of cooling mechanics in their regular computer systems. If you have a gaming laptop, then purchasing a standalone Double Fan Cooling Pad is quite sensible to use.

By using a cooling pad for laptops, gamers can ensure proper heat removal from the motherboard which would help in keeping the Laptop secure from damage due to excessive heat.

Ultra high-end games require a lot of processing and additional software’s running in the background causes a lot of heat generation in the system which could result in short-circuit inside the device, so using extra fans is a sensible option to choose. If you have a gaming PC, then you can choose to install some additional fans to ensure proper air circulation inside your device.


Gamers have a lot of keys to deal with as all the movements in the game are based on the keys pressed on the keyboard, but nowadays players can choose a Variety of mouse that is exclusively designed to ease the life of gamers. Gaming mouse features numerous keys with the left and right click buttons to allow players to use the mouse in a much more effective manner.

Moreover, gaming mouse includes RGB led lighting mechanics which makes the gaming experience much more fun and entertaining as players can also customize the colors illuminating from the mouse.


Keyboard plays the most critical role while playing any title on PC as it acts as the brain for the in-game character. Each and every key you press on the board results in one or the other action in the game so having a reliable keyboard become a necessity rather than a requirement.

Moreover, players can also choose from the various RGB led keyboards which include rainbow colors and customization option to change the patterns according to your needs.

 External Storage Device

External storage devices is a must to have items while recording gameplay as recording your gameplay consumes a lot of space which results in massive files saved to your device. If a player records and saves gameplay on a single device, then it may end up affecting the speed of the system and start to lag during the gameplay.

So recording your gameplay in some other device is a well-suited alternative to maintain the performance of your device. A number of alternatives are available for external storage devices which includes External Hard disc, Pen drive, CD and more.

So if you directly save the recording file to an external storage device, it would help in removing the extra load on the system and assist in performing better in the game as the processing power of the system would not be diverted toward the storage of the gameplay.


Hopefully, the list mentioned above of tips and tricks would help you in availing best hardware upgrades for an ultimate gaming experience.

Abigail Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on Canon Printer Support and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

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