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Super Smash Bros: Melee Gamer Quits Tournament Match

Every gaming enthusiast has to formulate specific strategies to overcome with the challenges presented by opponents, but as per the recent incident in the Battle of BC 3 tournament a player chooses to quit in the middle of the tournament match.

It is for sure that a player would choose to ensure his win by any means possible, but the gaming community seems to avoid any unfair practices which would reduce the respect and gaming spirit amongst the players.But in the new BC 3 tournament, a very unusual scene was observed by the audience in the stand who were watching two players competing amongst each other in a duel of Sumer Smash Bros., and suddenly in the middle of the ongoing match, one of the players choose to quit and left the stage.

Such an unexpected quitting between the match occurred due to the strategy used by Alejandro “Chango” Gastelum who chose to frustrate his competitor by using the unique evading move of Jigglypuff and not letting the opponent to conduct closed combat.

As a result, the entire gaming community was very disappointed and annoyed with the strategy used by the Chango which led to the quitting of his opponent in the middle of the match.

During the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament match, a duel was set between Fauxhebro and Chongo, but the end result of this match was not at all as everyone expected. Chango selected the Jigglypuff strategy in which he did not initiate in any of the close combats instead Chango chose the floating ability of Jigglypuff which helps in evading any incoming attack.

Ultimately Fauxhebro got so fed up from the childish act of Chongo that he snitched out the cord of his controller and left his Ice Climber character standing still at the corner of the screen.

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Prior to leaving the stage, Fauxhebro waited for some time for Chango to play in a fair manner, but Chango was predetermined to run along with his strategy, and in the end, Fauxhebro left the stage with utter disappointment.

Chango managed to dealt initial damage to Fauxhebro character, and as soon as the damage bar for Chango character rose, he executed his strategy to run away from any further damage.

Clearly Chango was afraid of receiving any damage and choose to run away from the close combat, and as a result, he had substantially more health in compression to Fauxhebro. So there was no reason for Chango to indulge in a fight with the opponent and stayed out of the range of Ice Climber.

This incident has raised a question amongst the community members, as to what strategies are legal and what strategies should be banned from any tournaments further on. But it is confirmed that some more strict and vigilant rules should be formulated for players to maintain some moral conduct during a match.

It is quite controversial to highlight any specific doings, but it is not unfair to use the special move of a particular character if it is already the part of the game, and this argument is suggested by all those who consider that Chango was not wrong but instead used his skills to win the game by frustrating his opponent.

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