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How To Synchronize Books To iPad?

Many bibliophiles and researchers love iPad because it can be used for reading ebooks. Rather than carrying magazines or books and making the bag heavy it’s better to have an iPad. It is not only light to carry but can also easy to fit in your bag. Also, since it has ample memory, you can store a number of books.

The ways to synchronize books to the iPad

By using iTunes

  • For Mac users- Go to the iBooks program and move the ebooks into iBooks.
  • For Windows users- Go to iTunes and move the ebook into iTunes.

Note that this shall add the ebook to the iTunes library. For giving confirmation, press on the Book menu so that you can get to know whether it is there or not.

  1. Synchronizing the iPad with iTunes

The steps mentioned on top are applicable for the latest version of iTunes. By chance, if you are using iTunes 11, then go through the instructions that have been mentioned below:

  • If you have never synchronized books with iTunes, then you need to visit the iPad management section.
  • After that, press on Books. It shall be in the left-hand tray.
  • Next, put a tick mark on the box immediate after Sync Books.
  • Then, you will get two options in front of you. The one shall be All books and the other is Selected books. You need to choose between any one of them. If you go for the second one, then you need to select the books that you wish to synch by putting a tick mark on the bar immediately after them.
  • After that, press on Sync. It shall be towards the bottom at the right-hand corner for including the books to the iPad of yours.
  • Lastly, as soon as the ebook gets synchronized to the iPad, go to iBooks application for reading it.

Note: Remember the books that you copy to the iPad of yours shall be present in the My Books tab of the application.

By using iCloud

  1. Firstly, click on the iBooks application for opening it.
  2. Note that iBooks is already installed on the latest versions of the iOS. For the people who don’t get it pre-installed on their iPhone, they need to download it from the App Store.
  3. Then, click on My Books symbol. It shall be towards the bottom at the left-hand side. Over here, you shall find every book that you have bought from iBooks. The books that are not present on the gadget will have the symbol of iCloud on them (those which can be downloaded).
  4. Press on the book that has an iCloud arrow on it for downloading an ebook the iPad.

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