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Brother is one of the leading manufacturers and seller of top-quality printers with lots of highly advanced features and used by millions of users across the country. Also, Brother printers are most known for their superior print quality, and excellent performance and printers are one of the best electronic devices for office as well as home users. Therefore, printers make our work easy and simple. The Brother offers numerous range of printers models which are available in all possible prices or affordable by anyone. However, to complete the printing, scanning, photocopy and some other needs in one device, Brother manufacturers top-rated printers with almost all latest technology at very reasonable prices with amazing customer service across the globe. Apart from this, sometimes many Brother printer users encountered various bugs and glitches which are common but creates lots of issue for users.  One such error which many users recently reported is Brother Printer Error Code ’36’.

Well, the Brother printer error code 36 occurs due to some technical issues in the printer or might be some damage in the physical component of the printer. Moreover, this error code 36 is called as ‘Carriage unit travel’ glitch. Though, this error can be occurred due to various other reasons but easily fixed by following the below-mentioned steps. The steps are easy and followed merely by users.

Effectual Ways to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code ’36’

Here we provide two methods which help you in troubleshooting the Brother Printer Error Code 36 without any hiccups. However, these steps are sometimes more tricky and much time-consuming, if you follow the steps in the ascending order will help you in easily resolving the error. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Change Destroyed Parts inside the Printer.
  • Eliminate Jammed Paper and Restart Printer.

Method-1: Change the Destroyed Parts Inside the Printer

To easily troubleshoot the error code 36, you need to replace the Destroyed parts inside the printer.

  1. For this, it is necessary to remove the carriage unit carefully, carriage PCB, head, and carriage motor and troubleshoot the error in a moment.
  2. Probably, you also need to replace the ‘Power Supply PCB,’ in case, it is damaged or spoiled.

Method-2: Eliminate Jammed the Paper and Restart Printer

  1. In order to resolve the error code, follow the steps in the right series:
  2. Whenever you received the error code 36, open the print head to detect that problem is in inner components or not.
  3. possibly, you might see if any papers jammed inside the printer, once you opened several printer covers like a paper tray, back, front cover and many others.
  4. Once you removed all the papers from the printer, you need to reboot the printer and check if the error persists or solved.
  5. Additionally, you need to study the complete manual for installation of the printer which might help you in fixing the Brother Printer Error Code 36.

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