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Top 5 Positivity Apps for Managing Mental Health

All days are not the same. Life is all about ups and downs. Somedays, you feel motivated and happy while some days can be stressful and tiring as well. No matter what the situation is, you need to be positive. If you are not able to boost your spirits and manage mental health correctly, the best solution is to take the help of smartphone apps. Various apps are there to provide positive energy and motivation when you need the most.  So, stay away from anxiety and depression with the use of these positivity apps.

Here are the best apps to use on your Smartphone:

1. Nao

Nao is no less than an emotional diary. It comes as an excellent app for people who are continually looking for positivity and motivation through their phone. You can easily choose any one mood among the five listed options, and this app will change the color to reflect the selected mood. Once you select any new mood from the options, you will get a prompt on the screen for adding a voice note and describe your feelings. This app is capable of transcribing your voice note into texts as well.

2. Skills

Skills app features around 13 games for tolerating stress and focusing on mindfulness. The games being offered in this app are based on the concepts of Dr. Martin Bohus, who is one of the best psychotherapy researchers. According to a study, the Skills app and its games were beneficial for almost 82% of the players. All these games are destined to tackle mental health problems and will be helpful for a lot of people. This app can be easily downloaded on your Android or iOS device for free.  

3. Care Cards

You are destined to be more productive and take care of yourself in a perfect manner with the Care Cards app. It comes as a web app that is ideally optimized for the phone. You can use it as a phone app as well. There are a lot of helping tips provided to you for taking care of yourselves. Keep this app on the home screen of your phone for using it everything with ease.

4. No Zero Days

If you need a positive and fresh change in your life, No Zero Days is the perfect solution for you. if we talk about the best thing about this app, it makes your day productive.  There are four sections featured in this app that are Created, Health, Helped, and Learned. You can tap any of the given options when you do any of these things on your day. For writing a note, you will have to long-press the available options. This app is readily available on the Android and iOS play store.        

5. Empty Your Cup

Get the daily dose of positivity and wisdom through exciting stories that are featured in the Empty Your Cup app. You will have to subscribe to the blog to get the blogs in your inbox. There are a lot of topics covered in this app. It will help you get the inspiration and learn about life entirely. You can choose to subscribe to other blogs too.

So, manage your mental health and stay positive and productive in your regular with the use of these apps. All of the mentioned apps are perfect for you and essential to use for betterment. If we talk about the best app among these, it is going to be Care Cards. There are various websites made for positivity and enhancing productivity as well. You can use those website in your regular life as well.

Sources :- Positivity Apps for Managing Mental Health

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