7 Most Useful Smart Luggage Trackers in 2019

Carrying the luggage around, while traveling, is not easy. You have to take care of it ideally and make sure that you don’t misplace it. Still, sometimes we get stuck in a situation where we can’t find our luggage or have to wait for a while during checking. Luggage trackers are the best solution, in that case, to keep your luggage safe and secured and know where it is. It is easy to get back the missing bags with the use of luggage trackers.

These are the best Luggage Trackers for you:

1. Spytec Portable Tracker

Know about the location of your luggage all the time by using the Spytec Portable Tracker. It is a must-have for both frequent and casual travelers. This luggage tracker is available at a nominal price on Amazon. To use the tracking services, you will have to pay a dedicated amount as well, but you get the option to cancel it after your trip is over. If we consider the battery life, it can easily last up to around two weeks.

2. ReturnMe Luggage ID Tag

If you use the ReturnMe Luggage ID Tag, you can quickly get the luggage back if you have lost it. It features a steel-braided cord, which is destined to make it last longer. There is a dedicated ID number being offered with it, as well. You don’t have to reveal information on the luggage tag. If anyone finds your lost luggage, they will contact the ReturnMe agent and inform the ID number.

3. GEGO Luggage Tracker

Ensure the safety of your luggage by keeping the GEGO Luggage Tracker inside your luggage, before heading out for your next trip. It lets you continuously track your luggage with ease. Though, you need to pay for the associated 3G tracking services. You will have to use the GEGO app to know where your luggage is on the map. This app even lets you create a safe zone, and notifies you whenever your luggage goes outside it. 

4. Vozni Smart Bluetooth Tracker

Either put the Vozni Smart Bluetooth Tracker in your bag or attach with it for tracking. It features a keychain-type design, which makes it look stylish as well. You can easily access it with your smartphone through Bluetooth and track your luggage easily. This tracker is not the same as others because it helps you find your phone if you lose it. Press the alarm button given on the tracker to make your phone sound.

5. Dynotag Smart Luggage ID Tag

Another great battery-free option for recovering your luggage is Dynotag Smart Luggage ID Tag. It also features a steel tag, which is weatherproof as well and can last longer. There is a dedicated QR code that makes every luggage  ID tag different. However, you need to go to the website of Dynotag, create a new account over there, and provide the asked details. Once you do this, your tag will be activated.

6. Tile Pro

Tile Pro is almost the same as the Vozni Smart Tracker. It asks you to download the app after attaching the tracker with your luggage. If your bag is around, but you can’t find it, press the alarm button available on the smartphone app to hear the Tile sound. The distance of the bag needs to be around 300 feet, though. Tile Pro helps you find your smartphone too.

7. Amcrest GPS Tracker

Amcrest GPS Tracker comes as a compact 2G GPS tracker that you can use with your luggage as well. Not only through your phone, but you can even monitor your luggage from your PC or Mac. It is, however, necessary to sign up for monitoring the exact luggage location of yours. There are advanced features for checking out custom tracking reports through the app and website as well. This tracker will fit comfortably on your luggage and won’t even make it bulky.

Protect all your valuables on the trip by using any of these trackers!

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