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After deleting a Facebook message, it is hard to see the sent or received text back. But it is not impossible. There are methods through which you can recover deleted messages. The best methods of recovering deleted Facebook messages are given below for you, along with the process of backing up your messages. Check them out thoroughly.

Recovering deleted Facebook messages

These are a few best ways that will help you retrieve the deleted messages:

1. Check the archived conversations

You need to use Facebook Messenger to use this method. Go to the chats section in the app and enter the person’s name in the search section, with whom you were having conversations earlier. You will see their name on your screen, tap on it to see if the chats are there.

2. Ask the other person for the copy or screenshot

You should know that the message is deleted from your side only. The other person might still have the message or conversation as it is. If you are in contact with the other person, ask him or her for the message or chat. They can either send you a copy of the same or screenshot.

3. Check the mail of Facebook messages on your email ID

If your email account was connected with your Facebook account and notifications were enabled, this method will be helpful for you for sure. You can search the emails from Facebook, which might show the message or conversions that you want to see. If you haven’t enabled this feature till yet, jump to the next section to see how to enable it.

Backing up your Facebook messages

If the methods mentioned above didn’t work for you, it is almost not possible to get your messages back. Though, you can stay on the safe side from now on by backing up the current messages. You will get the messages again even after you delete the messages if you have a backup. Here’s the backup process:

1. Enable the backup-to-email function

Visit the Settings section of your Facebook account on the computer. Now, click on the Notifications tab and keep scrolling down till you see the Email section. Once you see it, click on it for expanding. Choose the “All notifications except the ones you turn off.” to get the backup of messages on email.

2. Download the existing messages on your PC

You need to access Facebook on PC again to use this backup method. After opening Facebook on desktop, visit setting, and find the “Your Facebook Information” option. Once you find it, click on it. To get messages only, choose “deselect all” and recheck the box available right next to “Messages.” Now, click on “Create file” to get the file of your messages through email, from Facebook.

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