How to Reset your Windows Login Password Using Command Prompt

Changing login password in Windows computer is easy. You can set and change your login password whenever you want and how many times you want. Windows offers multiple ways to reset the users or login password. You can change it from the Control Panel, Settings, as well as using the Command Prompt. Many users like to accomplish tasks in their computer with commands. You might also like to use the Command Prompt for performing tasks on your computer. There’s a condition to use Command Prompt that is you must have administrator access. If you don’t have it, you can’t change your login password. Here is how to reset your Windows login password using the Command Prompt.

How to access Command Prompt in your PC

The easiest method is searching for Command Prompt with the Start menu search.

1.    Open ‘Start’ in your Windows. Click the ‘Windows sign’ button at the lower-left corner in Windows 7 or earlier version to do so. If you’re running Windows 8, then simply take your mouse cursor to the left edge of the monitor. Alternatively, press the ‘Windows logo’ key on your keyboard, this will launch the start menu in all versions of Windows.

2.    Then click the ‘Search field’ or ‘Search icon’ to search for Command Prompt. In Windows XP, click ‘Run’ at the right side of the menu.

3.    Type ‘cmd’ or ‘command prompt’ into the search and press ‘Enter.’

4.    Right click on ‘Command Prompt’ or ‘cmd.exe’ under Programs in the search results.

5.    In the right-click menu, click on ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Command Prompt windows should start displaying on your desktop. It’s a black color window if asked for access, click ‘Yes.’

How to change or reset your Windows login password with Command Prompt

Once you access the Command Prompt in your PC, use the following commands as given in the below steps to change your password.

1.    Active the Command Prompt window, if it is not.

2.    Now, type “net user” command.

3.    Press ‘Enter’ key. This command will display all the user accounts you’ve created in your computer.

4.    Find the user account whose password you want to reset. If you’re changing the password of your own profile, then you’ll find it underneath the ‘Administrator’ heading.

5.    Now, type “net user [ACCOUNT NAME] *”. In place of ‘ACCOUNT NAME,’ type the user account name whose password you wish to change. Make sure to type the name exactly it is.

6.    Press ‘Enter’. This command shows a line asking you to enter your new user password.

7.    Carefully type a new password that you want to use for logging in to your user profile. Check the ‘Caps Lock’ key before typing your password.

8.    Then press ‘Enter’ key.

9.    You’ll be asked to retype your password to confirm, type the same password again. Be patient while typing the password as keyword takes a little time to appear.

10.    Press ‘Enter’ to finish.

If both your entered password match, you’ll see a message “The command completed successfully.” Now, when you log in to your user account next time, use your new password.

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