How to Fix Netflix Not Loading Problem

Every once in a while, you want to sit down and watch some movies, or your favorite series without much hassle.  The first thing that pops into our mind is Netflix, start it, and there are hundreds of shows just for you to watch, but what happens when your primary source of entertainment does not work? Just sit back and read this article so that you would be able to help yourself if you run into some problems.

The Basics

First of all, the basic thing you need is an active internet connection. As you know, Netflix requires Internet, and if you do not have it, then it would not work. If your account is not logging in, then check whether you are typing your information correctly or not. If there are other users other than you who use that account, then you should ask if they have changed the password.

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You should also know that Netflix’s server itself may be down for some reasons. You can go to Netflix’s website where you can find a page dedicated to know the specific situation of the streaming app.

Another option is to restart the device or reestablishing the data connection you are using. You should keep the app updated to the latest version.

Loading Slowly

If your stream is buffering continuously or the quality is terrible, then you should check the data connection you are using. Try connecting your device to other servers and see if they connect. You can restart your modem and router to see if that solves the problem. If not, then you should try reaching your data operator.

Updating the App or Reinstalling it

As already mentioned, you should always keep your app updated. If a new version is available, then it is recommended that you should install it in the system. You can find the official app on the App Store of your operating system. If the update does not work, then you can consider reinstalling it.

Error 12001

Many users face this error. It could be because of outdated data in your device.

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Search device and select apps.
  • Locate Netflix and choose storage.
  • Then select clear data.

Now the data would be refreshed, and you would have to enter the login details again.

Black Screen Issue

An antivirus could cause this issue because many antiviruses are not compatible with Netflix; you should temporarily disable them. You should also clear caches and browser data and then try to open it. You can also disable the current plugins.

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