If you want to enhance the protection of your Steam account, enable Steam Guard in your account. Steam Guard is the built-in security feature of Steam that adds an additional layer of security on your Steam account. This prevents unauthorized access to your account as well as keeps it secure and safe from other threats. Once Steam Guard is enabled in a Steam account, it adds one more step in the login process, i.e., Verification. Anyone who tries to log in into a Steam Guard protected account will have to complete the verification process to access the account.

Here is how to secure your Steam Account with Steam Guard

Step 1: Verify your Email

You can use the desktop Steam app and Steam website to do so. Here is how.

1.   Launch the ‘Steam’ app or go to ‘Steam’ website. If you’re doing it from the site, then you’ll need to sign in to your Steam account.

2.   After that, go to Steam ‘Settings’ or ‘Preferences.’ To access Settings on the website, click on your Steam profile name and then click ‘Account details’ in the menu.

3.   Look for the ‘Verify Email Address’ button under the opened screen and click on it.

4.   Click through the screen guide and send an email for verification on your email.

5.   Open the email to which Steam sends the verification email. Read the message and do as it says.

As soon as you complete this process, your email will be verified. And, now you can go ahead (Step 2) to enable Steam Guard in your account.

Step 2: Enable Steam Guard

For safety precautions, the Steam has set itself to enable the Steam Guard automatically if it restarts two times in a row. But for this feature, your email address must be verified in your Steam account. Here is how to secure your Steam account with Steam Guard.

1.   Make sure you’ve verified your email. Otherwise, these steps will not work for your account.

2.   Restart your ‘Steam’ app twice. Doing so automatically turn on Steam Guard.

3.   Make sure ‘Protect my account with Steam Guard’ is checked in the Manage Account Security section. If it is not checked, then select it to turn on Guard.

4.   Now, go to the ‘Account’ section in the Settings.

5.   And check the ‘Security Status’ to verify if your account has Steam Guard on.

If the Security Status confirms that your account is protected by Steam Guard, you can close settings. Now whenever you log in to your account with an unauthorized location or device, Steam will ask you to enter the verification code that you’ll find in your verified email.

Note: After turning on Steam Guard in an account, you may not be able to trade or access the Community Market.

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