What To Do When Mac Won’t Shut Down?

Mac is known for its usability and features. This device is created to ensure smooth and powerful performance. It boasts of sturdy hardware and software. However, despite being so good, it might malfunction or cause trouble at times. In case your MAc is not shutting down, then do not worry. Read on and follow the solutions given below:

The method shutting down of a Mac

  1. Firstly, press the symbol of Apple. It shall be on the left-hand side towards the above of the display.
  2. Then, choose Shut Down.
  3. After that, observe that an alert shall be presented before you stating that your device shall shut down, in 1 minute.
  4. Next, you shall be able to avoid the countdown if you press the Command button at the time while selecting Shut Down.
  5. After that, you might view the warnings which recommend that users should prefer saving files that they have been using in different applications.
  6. Lastly, immediately after every app gets closed, the MacBook gets shut down.

Prefer giving your Mac device a bit more time

  1. Firstly, Choose Apple.
  2. Then, click onShut Down.
  3. Lastly, give your MacBook a few minutes.

Close every program before shutting down

  1. Firstly, have a look at the Dock. If there is any alert present over there, then see if it shows that you need to pay attention to that particular application.
  2. Then, for saving the file, select Save from the given on-screen option for every file.

Remember! If by chance you select Cancel, then it will not let the Shut Down get complete.

  • Note that if an application is not letting the shutdown, then your problem can be solved with Force Quit.

Remember! It can lead you to lose data.

  • As soon every application is closed, then only you can be able to do Shut down of your Mac device.

Is your MacBook frozen?

  1. Firstly, do a long press on the Power switch for some time.
  2. Then, observe that a dialog box shall get displayed on the screen enquiring whether user wishes to 1.sleep, 2.restart or else 3.Shut down the system.
  3. For shutting down immediately, without seeing the dialog box, you need to press Control with the Power key. As a result, it shall force the MacBook for a restart.
  4. If you still are not able to shut down the MacBook device, then you need to force switch off.

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