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How to Install and Access Google Play Store on Fire Tablet

Since Kindle Fire is Amazon’s devics, you’re only allowed to get and download the applications from the Amazon Store. But, the thought to download the apps from the Play Store will possibly have come in your mind. And that is why you’re here. However, with some trick and a little effort, you can get Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire tablet. Once you got the Play Store installed to your tablet, you can download any app from it. Since this is not an official way, your Fire tablet might be affected by viruses and malware when you download the apps from places other than the Amazon Store. So, download a security software such as Anti-Malware or Malwarebytes in your tablet before beginning.

How to install Google Play Store on a Fire tablet

If your device is running on Fire OS version or newer, then without having to root your tablet you can install Play Store on it. You’ll have to do this by using the apk file of Google Play Store.

Note: If you’re not sure about the Fire OS version your tablet is running on, then open your tablet’s ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Device Options’ and select ‘Update’.

Steps to install Google Play Store on Fire tablet:

  1. Make sure the ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ is enabled in your Kindle Fire tablet. To check and enable it, open your tablet’s ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Security & Privacy’ and enable the switch of ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ by tapping on it. Ignore if already enabled.
  2. Quit ‘Settings’ and start a browser to download the apk files.
  3. Visit Google Services Manager website and click the ‘Download APK’ button at the bottom.
  4. Lastly, open and download the Google Play Store APK.
  5. After all four files are downloaded to your Fire tablet, you can close the browser.
  6. Now, Launch the ‘Docs’ app and select ‘Local Storage’.
  7. Select ‘Downloads’.
  8. Locate and install the downloaded apk files in the same order you’ve downloaded them. If you don’t install the apk files in the following order, Google Play Store will not install to your Fire tablet.
  9. Google Account Manager
  10. Google Services Framework
  11. Google Play Services
  12. Google Play Store

Once you install all the apk files in the correct order, the Google Play Store will be added to your Fire tablet. Find the Play Store icon on your tablet’s home screen and tap on it to open. Now, you can search for the apps in Play Store and install them to your Fire tablet.

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