How to fix Error “Your Computer Do Not Support Miracast” on Windows 10

Some Windows 10 computer users have been facing your device do not support Miracast, so it will not project wirelessly error as users want to connect through the Wireless Display Adapter via Miracast. Several affected users state that the error cause even after they have ensured they have the complete requirements to run Miracast. If you are facing trouble, then this post might be useful for you. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to fix the error.

Computer Do Not Support Miracast

Here are the following reasons to encounter the Miracast problem:

  • Intel Graphics Hardware has stopped.
  • Wi-Fi is switched off.
  • Any of a device is not supporting Miracast.
  • A wireless adapter is required to 5Ghz.

Cisco AnyConnect or the same software is interrupting the Miracast connection. The Miracast connection might get failed because of the third party with the included VPN feature was declining Miracast technology as the security risk of the Split Tunnel.

If you want to fix the problem then you can try given solutions:

  • Ensure that the Wi-Fi is On in both devices.
  • Allow the Intel Integrated Graphics then update it to a new version
  • Modify the wireless adapter to Auto
  • Stop active VPN solution
  • Uninstall or install again Wireless Network Adapter
  • Before you start the troubleshooting steps, firstly confirm that the computer is Miracast compatible. Here are 2 major workings that manage Miracast connection, including graphics and network.
  • Begin by hosting several tests that will identify if the system is proficient enough to support the Miracast connection.

If you need to test graphics drivers, then run the DirectX Diagnostics Tool:

  • Launch the DirectX Diagnostics Tool.
  • Tap on the Display button.
  • Locate for the Driver Model below the Drivers section at the right window.
  • If the driver does not shows the WDDM 1.3 or more, the system is not prepared to provide the Miracast connectivity.

Ensure That the Wi-Fi Is on in Both Devices.

If you want to ensure that the Wi-Fi is On, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Click on the Windows key + R to launch the Rundialogueg bar.
  2. Copy the address ms-settings:network-wifi.
  3. Press the Enter option to launch the Wi-Fi button of the Internet and Network settings section.
  4. Ensure that the Wi-Fi toggle option is switched On under the Wi-Fi button.

Enable Intel Integrated Graphics and Update to the New Version

If you want to enable the Intel integrated Graphics, then abide by the given instructions:

  1. To access the BIOS settings, you have to click the BIOS key through the starting of the startup process. You may also locate online with bios key +motherboard manufacturer.
  2. As you get entry to BIOS settings, look for the Advanced section and find with the entry name or same as the Advanced Chipset Settings.
  3. Choose the SouthBridge Configuration option and modify Primary Graphics Adapter to IGP > PCI > PCI-E.

Modify Wireless Adapter to Auto

If you wish to modify the wireless adapter to Auto, then pursue the given instructions:

  1. Right-click the Start option, and choose the Device Manager option.
  2. Tap on the chevron on the Network adapters section to end the menu under the Device Manager.
  3. Right-click wireless network adapter mentioned below, then choose Properties button.
  4. Select the Advanced option
  5. Scroll and choose Wireless Mode property.
  6. Press the Auto option on a Value drop-down section.
  7. Hit the OK option and wait till the network connection is saved again.

Stop the Active VPN Solution

Most of the third-party VPN solutions are refusing the Wi-Fi Direct. Commonly such a third party will allow the Wi-Fi Direct as the split tunnel security, pushing the system to stop the functions.

Uninstall or Install Again Wireless Network Adapter Driver

Removing or installing again the wireless network adapter driver may solve the error.

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