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Call of Duty Warzone Gulag: How it Works and How to Win It?

Call of duty has released a new version of the game Warzone. It introduces a new location with the name Gulag.

It is introduced in the section where players got killed and waited for teammates to revive them in the Battle Royale mode. This location can’t be seen on the map. After getting killed by the enemy, players will find themselves in the new location where they have to wait for their number to fight a one vs. one combat with other fallen players to get back in the game. If you wish to play that match again, you have to win this combat. Once you win this combat, then your teammates will be able to revive you. Till then, you have to wait again.

Sources :- Call of Duty Warzone Gulag

Working of Gulag

In Battle Royale mode, there is an option of reviving the fallen teammates. It gives players a second chance to end the task what they suppose to do. There will be a time when you will die in the Warzone (it isn’t very pleasant, but it is reality). Then you will find yourself in a locker waiting for your turn to enter in a new mode of battle one by one. Here, you will face the other dead player of other teams. As usual, you have to win this one to go forward in the game (getting available for the revival option).

In one vs. one battle, you will have the same load-out and ammunition at the start. You can find other pieces of weaponry in that battle arena. As this mini-game starts, you will have 15 seconds, one life, and the target to capture the Flag or take the other player’s life. To revive, you have to win this battle by any means necessary. On the winning, you will be available for the revival option. Now, your teammates can submit the money and revive you for real. Once both steps are done, you will find yourself skydiving into the safe-zone to continue your battle against your foes.

Keep this in mind; you can enter here once a game. If you die in the game again, then you will find yourself at the gaming lobby, not in Gulag.

Tips and Tricks for the Gulag

If you find yourself in the Gulag, then the following tips can help you with the one vs. one battle:

  1. Adapt and Improve your Skill-set  for the different Guns:

Once you come here, you will have the normal assault rifle. You should improve your skill-set with this gun and take any other familiar gun from the battleground. It will help you to keep your corners tight and try to target the head or chest area.

  • Grenades: Make Them Count

This mode is one vs. one battle, where stunning the other player can be helpful because it will make them come out of the hiding. So, at starting, you should make sure that you have the stun grenade because a smoke grenade can not perform the task you want.

  • Capture presented Flag

At the starting of the game, you have 15 seconds; if you fail to kill the opponent, then to reduce the struggle, a flag will present itself in the middle of the ground. Now, you have two ways to win this battle, and that is by killing the opponent or capturing the Flag. If you are going for the Flag, then make sure you capture it before your life runs out.

Note: Gulag is referenced to the system and a government agency created by Vladimir Lenin, which is the controller of the Soviet Forced labor camps.

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