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Saints Row IV Re-Elected: How and Where to Find Energy Sword

Nintendo has released Saints Row IV Re-Elected and the whole storyline is about the nuclear attacks and acquiring superpowers. Saints Row IV Re-Elected have a huge number of weapons and abilities to protect the world. There are some standard normal guns that can defeat enemies and there are some special weapons as well.One of them is an Energy sword that is hard to find. Finding the energy sword is a vital part of the game and here are the tracks that players have to follow to find the sword.

Look Out for Asha in Saints Row IV Re-Elected

Saints Row IV Re-Elected is full of missions, and the first and the most important thing players have to do is play a storyline mission, which is “The Case of Mr. X.” In this particular mission, you have to battle with the evil self that will reward you M16 agent and also a teammate Asha Odekar. After Asha unlocks, she will be back on the ship, and then loyalty mission unlocks. Energy sword will be earned through completing the mission “Three Count Royale.”

Get Energy Sword in Saints Row IV Re-Elected

The loyalty mission of Asha can unlock the energy sword, and for that, you need to first come out from the simulation. Just like the loyalty mission, there are many more tasks that are available in the game that players have to finish. These tasks are sided tasks, and these are most likely just like quest missions that players used to play. These side missions will not take time to complete because they are easy and smooth missions of the game.

In the first task, players have to finish the mission in specific timing. According to the time and to get the bronze medal mission needed to be complete before 15 seconds. While doing this, the player also has to collect green orbs while boosting.

Asha needs to kill the enemies after reaching to the flashpoint area. Killing every single enemy on the area is necessary. Now in order to kill the enemies, the best thing that players can do is use the freeze power to kill a bunch of Zin.

After this, there are several waves of police officers, and you need to deal with that. However, there will be up to 6 police officers, and in the bigger waves, the number of police officers will be increased. Your teammates’ telekinesis can tackle as many police officersas possible. After all these things, there is a large number of hotspots that need to be taken down.

There are also thee giant generators that also needed to access. After all, the hotspot is shutting down players to exit the simulation and get back to Asha. Completing all these things will provide the Energy sword.

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