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Uber Getting Criticised for Stopping Food Deliveries in San Francisco

Uber has recently come forward through a statement regarding no deliveries in the Treasure Island area of San Francisco. Soon after the following statement, the people of that area, along with people from other parts of San Francisco, have criticized Uber. In its statement Uber food delivering service, Uber Eats has dropped the allegations by stating that they are unable to deliver the food in the subsequent area due to new regulations of the city.

According to the new city, regulations mean it will reduce the additional cost per delivery. Thus, Uber will face a huge loss in delivering food to that area. In support of the native people of Treasure Island, the supervisor of San Francisco, Mr. Matt Haney, also accused Uber as, during the time of amid outbreak, the company is thinking about their profits rather than the citizen of their country.

Sources :- Uber Getting Criticised for Stopping Food Deliveries in San Francisco

Matt Haney has shown his concern to the subsequent issue through his official Twitter handle. Mr. Haney writes in his Tweet that it is a contemptible behaviour of Uber Eats as they are backing off from their service. The service of providing food to the needy and as per the law regulations, it is a shameful act by a reputed company mainly in the devasted time.

However, Uber Eats is blaming the federal government by stating that the government has changed the rules and regulations due to amid pandemic. Thus, they are unable to provide their service in Treasure Island areas, whereas Uber Eats spokesperson dropped all the allegations by the Matt Haney and the people. They said that they are following the rules and regulations imposed by the federal government. They are not after the money or either profit; they are just showing their concern towards the regulations made by the government to overcome the spread of the pandemic.

Soon after the statement of spokesperson of Uber Eats, Matt Haney tweeted again in which he stated that Treasure island is only 10 minutes away from Downtown still Uber Eats could find a way to make deliveries. In contrast, he also added that on 10th April, when the new regulations have been made by the federal government regarding delivering services. They also made a specific regulation in which they specifically mentioned that the food delivering services could only charge 15% to the restaurant until the amid of pandemic is eradicated. Thus, Matt Haney put allegations on Uber Eats using the subsequent regulation that Uber Eats has deliberately backed off to the food delivery service as they won’t get the appropriate money for the deliveries now. They are only using the other imposed regulations as an excuse to get rid of facing loss.

The on-going situation due to the outbreak is getting worst, and still, nobody is pretty sure when will things get back to normal again. Several big conglomerates are showing their concern towards the pandemic. The people of the US are also expecting the same from Uber. However, we are not pretty sure whether criticizing them for the subsequent issue is right or wrong.

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