How to Record Calls on iPhone (5 Simple Ways)

Apple does not allow any phone call recording features on their iPhone. If a user wants to record phone calls, then they need to download any third-party application on their iPhone from App Store, and there is not any free application for the user. So if you are using an iPhone and want to record your phone call, it is a still tricky problem. In this blog, you can get several workarounds to make it easy to record phone calls on your iPhone.

In this blog, we will teach you how you can record phone calls in your iPhone with several ways as given below:-

  • Record calls on iPhone using the Second phone
  • Record calls on iPhone using Apple Watch Voice Memo
  • Record calls on iPhone using Google Voice Number
  • Record calls on iPhone using Call recorder
  • Record calls on iPhone using merge Call on Other Number

1) Record Calls on iPhone Using the Second Phone

You cannot record any phone call on your device with any inbuilt features and without any third-party applications. So there are many workarounds that you can use to record a phone call on your iPhone. It is difficult to record in an emergency, but you can record the sound with the source normal recorder.

When you are on a phone call, put your call on speaker mode and then you can use another phone recording application to record your voice conversation on the smartphone voice recording application. We know that this is not a permanent solution when you want to clear record your calls.

2) Record Calls on iPhone Using Apple Watch Voice Memo

You can record the voice memos using your Apple Watch. Simply visit the Apple Watch voice memos application and hit on the start recording. Change your voice call to the speaker before start recording on your Apple Watch for more clarity of recorded call.

Follow the steps to record the call using Apple watch Voice memos:-

  1. Launch iPhone voice call on the speaker.
  2. Switch the Voice Memos application on the Apple Watch.
  3. Hit the Record button on your Apple Watch.
  4. Hit again on the record option to off the recording.

3) Record Phone Call on iPhone Using Google Voice Number

Google Voice accesses your valid phone number in all the countries and allows you to make a regular call just like a cellular plan. If you are using a valid Google Voice number, then you can possibly make a call from Google Voice number instead of using your iPhone dialer.

Here you can see more control on the Phone call and voice mail with Google Voice number. Here are steps on how you can record phone calls using Google Voice number:-

  1. Launch the Google Voice Application on your iPhone.
  2. Hit the menu option that appears on the upper left of the screen.
  3. Hit Settings.
  4. Toggle Incoming call option.

4) Record Calls on iPhone Using Call Recorder

We all know that Apple has not in-built phone call recording features, but there are several calls recording applications available on the App store that can record your call. However, all the applications available on the App Store are not free. If you want to use call recording application on your device, then you need to purchase an application from the App store.

The three ways call recording service will allow you to records all of your phone call on your iPhone. It can dial a call and merge your call in the recording service line. There are several call recording applications available for the iPhone. You can choose one which is relevant to your use and easy to understand.

5) Record calls on iPhone Using Merge Call on Other Number

With the help of the third-party application, you can record calls via merging your call with another number with other phone call recording service. Here you need to use another smartphone that is an Android phone that has enabled call recording features.

Here are the steps on how you can record your phone call using Android call recording features:-

  1. When you are on a call, hit on the add call icon on your iPhone screen while voice conversation to merge another call.
  2. Select the second number that you have inserted in Android Phone.
  3. Receive a call on your Android device.
  4. Hit merge on your iPhone.
  5. Hit the recording on your Android device to start the recording.
  6. When your call ends, you can get a recording call in your android device, and you can share on your iPhone using any platform like Email, WhatsApp, etc.

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