267 Million Facebook Identities Sold: Things to Know and do

The latest major data breach has leaked and sold the personal information of almost 267 million. This major data breach has taken place in such a time when most of the people all across the world are more dependent on channels of social media than ever before. The increased dependency of the people on social media channels is due to the ongoing health outbreak, which has kept most of the countries under lockdown. However, the issue of data security among users is prevalent much before the current health outbreak. The social media platforms have been facing criticism for their policies related to data privacy as the incidents of the data breach has increased a lot in these days. But the ongoing health outbreak has increased the dependency of the people on technology than ever before, which has made them vulnerable to several cyber-attacks and threats.

Sources :- 267 Million Facebook Identities Sold

There are various instances of data theft and cyber-attacks that have increased in this lockdown situation. Access to personal online information has helped in launching malware attacks. The latest data breach and sold identities will provide cybercriminals several ways to commit online crimes. This is the reason why the latest data breach has perturbed the people a lot. The third-party platform dedicated to cyber security, Cyble, has recently found that the personal and sensitive information of almost 267 million Facebook users were available on the dark web for sale and that too only for very little money. Also, the researchers at Cyble not only bought the stash of massive data but also verified its authenticity, which has been posted by the company on its blog also.

Leaked Facebook Users

The leaked data of Facebook users, which is up for sale, includes the full names of the users, email ids, phone numbers, their Facebook IDs, last connections, age details, and statuses. Although the company has not any clear idea as to what has caused such a substantial data breach, the firm is speculating that the violation in third party API could be responsible for such a massive data breach. The firm is also speculating that the data breach could be the result of data scrapping. Meanwhile, the cyber security intelligence firm, Cyble, has asked the people to strengthen their settings of data privacy on Facebook and other social media platforms to protect their profiles. The firm has said that the stolen online data could be used by cybercriminals to harm the users in multiple ways, including financially also. The company has told people to look out the doubtful text messages and emails carefully before responding to these.

Recently, several incidents have occurred in which the cybercriminals sent fake messages related to the ongoing health outbreak, which has contained the Kodiac Access malware. Also, in some other incidents, cybercriminals sent phony text messages regarding the contact tracing current health outbreak. The increasing incidents of sending fake messages and emails by cybercriminals quite a concern for the agencies and the users. However, the agencies are taking the step to deal with such a situation. On a positive note, any establishment or healthcare personnel involved in the containment of the ongoing health outbreak can seek help. The healthcare personnel if targeted by malware attack can reach the cyber security companies Coveware and Emsisoft for help, and the companies are providing their free services regarding decryption.

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