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Follow These Steps to Customize VoiceOver on Your Apple Watch

VoiceOver is one of the best and the most used accessibility features of the Apple Watch.

It is one of the applications that was developed for individuals who have some visual impairment. This feature will allow their user to give the command over voice over, which proves too helpful for the users.

Steps To Set VoiceOver for Apple Watch

It is the gesture-based feature that used the in-built speaker of the watch to give the command to execute the command. With this, you can be able to perform your activity without watching the device/Apple’s smartwatch. Till date, several individuals are using this feature without any issue, and in fact, the device has more than 35 languages. First-of all you have to choose a watch with a VoiceOver feature; otherwise, you will not be able to use this feature.

For turning on the VoiceOver on your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  • Open the watch application on your iOS smartphone
  • Select the accessibility option
  • In the right side, you will find the VoiceOver option
  • Toggle on the VoiceOver option on the application.

After doing this, you will hear more about what is happening on the screen and if you want to perform other actions, then double-click on the screen.

For instance, Siri will say “Workout”, if you select the Exercise application. If you double-tap on the application, you will hear other options present in the applications.

How To Use The Feature of The VoiceOver?

After tapping on your Apple watch, you will be able to hear all the things that are happening on the screen of the watch. If you want to perform any action further, then double-tap on the action.

Let’s take another example, When you tap on the Music application, Siri will say “Music” and if you want to hear music, then double-tap on the screen.

Use of Screen Curtain with the VoiceOver Feature

In all Apple devices, there is an option of Screen curtain is known for turning off the display of the watch for the additional privacy. For accessing these features, you may need to first enable the voice over the feature of the device on your smartphone.

Follow the steps that are mentioned above; then you will see an option of the screen curtain, and for accessing this feature toggle on the option.

From now onwards, the display screen of your smartwatch is off. These features are only applicable to the wearable device. If you don’t want VoiceOver or screen curtain, then you can turn off this feature.

Additional VoiceOver settings

On Apple smartwatch, you can perform other tasks like:

Speaking rate – It is an option that can change the speed of the voice.

VoiceOver Volume – If you want to increase or decrease the volume of the VoiceOver, then this application will give you an option while dragging.

Speak on Wrist Raise toggle – It is the latest update that may help you in activating the personal assistant without saying “Hi Siri.”

These are the features offered by Apple over VoiceOver. You can customize as per your preference.

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