7 Tips To Customize Your Android TV

Since the last few years, due to the popularization of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and similar such channels, Android TV is now a more preferred option for all. In fact, more and more TV manufacturers are installing Android TV. While many of us must be well versed with the functioning of Android TVs, some of us are still learning and are unaware of a number of tips and tricks we can use to customize our TV according to our needs. Then, why not have a glance at 7 tips we can use to customize our Android TV.

Sources : 7 Tips To Customize Your Android TV

1. Set Quick Settings

Why waste time on scrolling and figuring out stuff when you can get everything done smoothly? Just set up your Quick Setting Panel and relax. Open ‘Settings’, and select ‘Device Preferences, System, and Customize Quick Settings’. Adjust quick links to power off your device or restart it, show the on-screen keyboard, and other such things. And now, you can access anything within a few clicks.

2. Change Your Home Screen

The Android TV home screen shows channels that are installed and thumbnail previews of what they think you might like to watch. Now, did you know that you can control it? Let’s show you how to. Open ‘Settings’, click on ‘Device Preferences’ and choose ‘Home Screen’. From there, you will be able to change the sequence of the apps they appear in, you can also stop the previewing of shows or you can start it. It’s all in your control!

3. Launch Google Assistant With Your Voice

Yes, you’re thinking right! You can start Google Assistant on your Android TV through the microphone icon on the top of your home screen or by saying ” OK Google” within the hearing of the device, just like your phone. You just need to switch on the voice activation by enabling the ‘OK Google Detection’ in the ‘Device Preferences’ option. However, some Android TVs don’t have this setting. In that case, your Android TV will never respond to “OK Google”. Nevertheless, you can start the Google Assistant from your remote.

4. Use Google Assistant

Be it in any way, you can use your Google Assistant for anything. Say, you want to know the latest match scores or tomorrow’s weather conditions or anything, Google Assistant will give you quick answers to all your questions. You can also use it for browsing shows. Rather than losing your track over the complicated buttons, you can simply let Google find and play your favorite shows for you. You can also control your other smart home devices through your Android TV Google Assistant, provided that all of them should be logged in with the same account. So, you can sit, enjoy a romantic movie with your partner and ask Google Assistant to dim the lights for you.

5. Change Screen Saver

You can also decide what your Android TV displays when it’s idle. Just open ‘Settings’, choose ‘Device Preferences’ and then tap on ‘Screen Saver’. You can choose from a number of photos of landscape, flowers, skies, pets, etc. Even though you don’t have the option to access Google Photos to use as a Screensaver, there are various apps like ‘Fotoo’ you can download from Play Store which can help you with that.

6. Use Your Phone As Remote

We can all agree that using a remote can be messier when you are typing something on the search bar or accessing Google Assistant. While remote works for changing the channels and increasing or decreasing volumes, we can definitely use our mobile phones for other purposes. All we need is just the Android TV remote app for Android or iOS. When on the same Wi-Fi network, the connection will be automatic. You can use the remote app to scroll menus and screens, type text, and use the Google Assistant.

7. Start Chrome Casting

One of the perks of having an Android TV is that you can cast audio and video to it from the apps available on your phone or tablet. Just look for the rectangular wifi icon looking button on the app and as long as both the phone and TV are connected to the same wifi, your TV would show up as a chromecast device. You can cast music from Spotify, watch YouTube videos. Also, via chromecast you can use your phone or tablet as a remote control.

So, these were some short and simple tips to customize your Android TV and make its functioning easy-peasy. Now you don’t need to always call someone to help you operate it anymore. Your TV is in your hands. Enjoy!

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