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How to Do Voice-To-Text Typing on Mac Via Dictation

If you can’t type properly with your fingers on a keyboard, voice-to-text typing is the best solution. However, using it on your Mac could be a bit challenging if you are not technically skilled enough or don’t possess prior knowledge. Gladly, Mac has provided a default innovative feature known as Dictation that enables you to type with Voice to text technology effortlessly.

In this article, you will learn how to use it with step by step guides. So what’s the wait? Let’s dive in…

Everything about Mac’s Dictation 

It is pretty much easy to use when compared with other similar features and tools such as Voice Control. It is also very precise and reliable while using as it will accurately understand what you actually want to put in rather than asking for repeating every line. No doubt that Dictation is one of the best voice to text typing tools in the entire world so far.

How to Access Mac’s Dictation Speech-To-Text Typing Utility

  1. All you need to do is follow the steps given down here to use the Dictation:
  2. On your Mac’s keyboard, hit the Fn key twice to trigger the Dictation utility. 
  3. Now once that appears on your Mac’s display, all you have to do is press the Ok button when asked to do.
  4. Next, you will see a microphone icon in the interface of the Dictation application.
  5. Once the Dictation is activated and ready to use, speak out what you need to type, and it will appear on the interface of Dictation utility.
  6. The best thing about the Dictation is that it does ignore the pauses between your speech so that you can take your time to create your thoughts.
  7. Keep in mind that you need to dictate the punctuations in order to use here because pausing between in the speech won’t do anything while using Dictation.

According to Apple, you should speak out in the bursts of 40 seconds or fewer. This will allow the software to process your speech into text fluidly. If you constantly speak without any breaks, it can cause writing errors, or the utility might completely give up with your speech. You can speak a lot faster and continuously than your Mac can process.

So keep in mind that you have to stop after you complete a speech of 40 seconds to let your Mac process and convert the speech into text. Once you see that Dictation has successfully converted your speech into text, you can proceed to speak out further.

By following this pattern, you will be able to type with your speech without any errors, and it will speed up your work because you are not repeating sentences over and over. Many newbie users just constantly speak while using Speech to the text tool and expect the device to convert everything correctly, which is impossible for a machine. Once they experience that the tool is not processing their words and sentences correctly, they often give up using these tools. 

However, that’s not a case with you here, because we have already taught you how Mac’s Dictionary tool works. If you follow every instruction mentioned in this article, there are almost negligible chances of typing errors.

You can use the Dictation utility on your Mac to type anywhere just like a standard physical keyboard, be it Microsoft Office, text dialogue fields and other. 

It means the Dictation feature is just similar to the standard keyboard and you can use it anywhere you need to enter text. This could be a URL box in an internet browser, commands in a command prompt, messages in a chatting app, etc.

When you want to stop dictating on the Dictation app, just hit the Fn key on your keyboard once again. Alternatively, you can hit the Enter or Return key on the keyboard to complete and close the Dictation app popup.

In case you are unable to hit the keys on your keyboard due to some reasons, just click on the Done button located underneath the Microphone icon. 

While you are dictating with the Dictation utility on your Mac, the dictated words will appear underlined, and once the processing of those words finishes, the underlined words will get normal.

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