How to Download Facebook Videos for Free

Facebook, the most popular social networking platform, is loaded with content. From videos to memes, there is a wealth of informative and entertaining material that you might want to refer to at a later point. While Facebook allows you to save videos, there isn’t any direct download feature available for videos. However, do not lose hope as there are several workarounds that you can use to download Facebook videos for free.

Ways to Download Facebook Videos for Free

On Desktop

1.  To open Facebook, go to It will open your Newsfeed page if you are already logged in.

2. Via scrolling through the news feed, open the video you want to download or enter the name of the person who posted the video in the search bar. After that, you can find the video in their account.

3. If you see the global icon available in the video, you can download the video easily, and if you see the icon of a lock on the video instead of a globe, then you cannot download the video.

4. After arriving on the video, click on the right button. Click until the drop menu appears. Thereafter, click on the URL shown at the bottom of the drop menu. This will open a pop-up box containing the video’s link.

5. Copy the link by selecting it and clicking CTRL+C, then open the SaveMomo website, which allows you to download Facebook videos by entering their links. Paste the link in it and allow it to download the video. After allowing for download, your video will be downloaded in a few minutes.

On iPhone

1. Open the Apple Store and download the Documents App from it. For better results, type Documents by Readdle. Open Newsfeed on your Facebook and find the video you want to download.

2.  Again you have to make sure that the video has the globe icon, if yes then we can easily proceed further for download.

3. Tap and play the video, and do not pause it as it leads to a broken download link. Click on the option to share the video and save the link, as shown in the menu on iPhone. Press the home button and open Safari and type into the address bar and tab to go.

4. After opening, paste the link of the video and tab go button. You will see the green button in the middle of the page to download it and select the highest quality. After that, tap the Done button in the upper right corner. The downloaded video can be opened in the Documents app.

On Android

1. Android users can download the Fastvid app from the Google Play store first. Open Facebook and search the video you want to download.

2. Copy the link of the video you want to download from  Facebook.

3. Open the Fastvid app and login in by Gmail or Facebook account, in the middle of the app you will see an option of URLs. After clicking on that, paste the video link in it. After pasting the link, the app shows the option of download.

4. When you click on download, the app will show a pop-up for high-quality download. Select the high-quality option and process it for download. The downloaded video will appear in your phone’s file manager; there you can access the downloaded video. 

With the help of the steps mentioned above, you will be able to download Facebook videos easily.

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