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How to Perform Voiceover on PowerPoint

Performing voiceover on a PowerPoint project could be a bit tricky for beginner users. Doing voiceover on a Powerpoint presentation is an excellent idea to be more creative. It will help the viewers to understand what the presentation explains easily, and they would be impressed with your speaking skills. Silent presentations could be very boring, or people might not get what you are trying to explain with the visuals alone.

Also speaking alongside while your presentation is playing could be a bit distracting because you might not be able to speak out accurately on the spot.

The better way is to record a voiceover narration for your presentation, and then it will play automatically with your slideshow just like an animated video. It could also encourage your colleagues to be even more creative and use this method to enhance the experience of their own presentations. 

Let’s learn how to perform the voiceover on your Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations.

Before Getting Started

Here are some things that you should know before diving into the in-depth process:

  • Make sure that you have a high-quality microphone on your computer to record crystal clear voices.
  • If your laptop or desktop PC already has a built-in microphone and it works just fine, then you don’t need to purchase a separate one. 
  • Check your microphone by recording your voice and ensure that it is working just perfectly. Make sure to adjust the sound level so that your voice is easy to understand.
  • Make sure that you are ready to deliver your narration. Write a proper script for your voiceover that you want to sync with your presentation.
  • Rehearse your script without using any equipment for several times so that you can record your voiceover fluently.
  • Make your mind up for whether you want to record the narration in a single burst or for every slide separately. Keep in mind that recording the voiceover for the entire presentation could be challenging if it has too many slides. 

Simple Method to Record a Single Slide Voiceover for Your Presentation

The easiest way to perform voiceover for PowerPoint presentation is to record a voiceover for all your slides one by one. It means you need to record for a single slide at a time because it is the best way.  This way, you can get enough time to prepare for the next slide. Your voiceover will also be more error-free if you record a voiceover for one slide at once.

Here’s how to do a voiceover on your presentation for a single slide on your presentation:

  1. First and foremost, open the Microsoft Office PowerPoint application.
  2. Then open the presentation in which you want to add a voiceover.
  3. Navigate to the slide in which you want to add the voiceover.
  4. Once the slide appears, click on Insert from the upper menu. 
  5. Then head to Audio and then click on Record Audio.
  6. Now put in a name for your voiceover file. 
  7. Hit the Record button.
  8. Now speak out your voiceover narration using your script in a natural way. Make sure that your speaking feels natural, and you are not making it look like reading something.
  9. Once you have completed the narration for the slide, press on the Stop button to stop and save the recording.
  10. Next, the recording popup window would close automatically, and you will see a new speaker button in the middle of your slide.
  11. Hit on that speaker button.
  12. Now hit the play button to play and review your narration.
  13. Once you are satisfied with the recording, you can click anywhere outside of the playback wizard to close these playback controls.
  14. Now click and hold the speaker icon and then move it to the corner of the slide so that it won’t distract viewers.

You can now create a voiceover for the entire rest of your slides in the same way. It is this simple, and there is nothing like challenging at all.

Record Voiceover for Your Whole Presentation in a Single Burst

You can also record the narration for the whole presentation at once on MS Office Powerpoint. Here’s how to perform this with simple steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint software and navigate to the presentation in which you want to add narration.
  2. After that, head to View tab from the top menu.
  3. Now click on Normal.
  4. Navigate to the first slide of your presentation or where you want to start the narration.
  5. Then hit the option saying “Slide Show” from the top menu.
  6. After that, press on Record Slide Show.
  7. Hit the option saying Record from Current Slide. 
  8. In the 2019 version or later the Recording wizard would trigger on the screen.
  9. In the 2016 version or older version of PowerPoint, you will see a Record Slide Show window in which you might see a few options to choose from. In this window, you need to ensure that options saying “Slide and animation timings” and “Narrations, ink, and laser pointer” are enabled. 
  10. Hit the record button to start your recording. On some older versions, this option is Start Recording, so choose it.
  11. Start speaking and when you need a break, press the Pause button.
  12. When you make a mistake in recording, click on the Clear button and then press “Clear recording” to record from scratch for the current slide.
  13. Once you have recorded for one slide, choose the Advanced option to record for the next slide.
  14. When your narration is complete for the whole presentation, click on Stop.

On the bottom, you will see several options to highlight the text as you narrate so that people can see what you are explaining.

Listening to Your Presentation Voiceover

  1. Choose the slide that contains your narration. 
  2. Then find the recording button on the slide. It would appear like a tiny video screenshot or a speaker like a button.
  3. Press this button to open the playback options.
  4. Finally hit the Play button to hear your narration. 

How to Disable a Voiceover in Your PowerPoint Presentations

If you want to mute or turn off the narration in a particular slide but also don’t want to remove it permanently, then see these instructions:

  1. Choose the slide in which you want to disable it.
  2. Navigate to the Slide Show option from the upper menu. 
  3. Then, uncheck the box located next to “Play Narration.”

Removing a PowerPoint Voiceover

  1. Choose the slide in which you want to remove the narration.
  2. Find the recording in the slide.
  3. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the narration.
  4. To Remove the narration from the whole presentation at once, go to Slide Show from the upper menu.
  5. Now tap on the down arrow to trigger the record Slide Show menu. 
  6. Next, press on “Clear Narration on All Slides” to delete the voiceover in your whole presentation.

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