Destiny 2 Finally Nerfs Titan Exotic

The multi-player game that made waves with its character selection is about to end its season, and the updates that are planned have piqued the interest of the players who have been asking for it for quite a while. Destiny 2’s biggest news about the coming season is the nerfing of the Titan Exotic which the players were outraged about as it was ridiculously over powerful.

Bungie, which is the developer for Destiny 2 has teased the community with short trailers featuring The Drifter and Eris Morn heading to what many are speculating to be the icy moon Europa. But still, Bungie has kept the exact date of the new season release a secret. On the bright side, Bungie has released some information regarding its upcoming sandbox challenges though. The list published by Bungie in their website blog has an impressive number of updates and new aspects that the new season will bring, but the inclusion of the much-awaited nerfing of Titan Exotic was not there. Which later on turns out that the omission was a mistake as Community Manager Cozmo23 provided an update over on the Destiny subReddit regarding these boots.

Sources :- Destiny 2 Finally Nerfs Titan Exotic

According to Cozmo, the Antaeus Wards are getting two key nerfs. The bonuses that the players used to get to their super energy for bouncing bullets will no longer be available, and also players will now have to run for 1.5 seconds more to trigger the exotic perk that is triggered by sliding. Although on the list, these particular updates won’t come together with the new season release but will be updated in a week after it.

The player base was outraged by the powers that these boots had as they could reflect the bullets shot at the player wearing them towards whoever was shooting. This made the game really uneven as players found it really easy to rush and deflect the bullets at the shooter and finish them off at close range. After the chip damage was taken off by Bungie, the player using the boots basically took no damage at all.

The introduction of the boots in the game was not taken lightly by the non-titan players because the game became unfair to them. The players were outraged as Bungie had introduced a gear without knowing that it had such a major bug. In fact, some of the games most notable players teamed up to create an elaborate plan to trick Bungie into disabling the gear. Clan Redeem posted a doctored video showing the Antaeus Wards killing a raid boss instantly. This sure made an impact, and the change is finally here.

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