How to Remove Preloaded Amazon Services and Apps from Alexa Built-In Phone

Alexa Built-in phone ideally an excellent option for those users who prefer to use Alexa instead of Google Assistant. Amazon has expanded its services and apps, and Alexa is a result of that. Right now, Alexa is also a popular virtual assistant which is getting in use after Google Assistant. Indeed, Amazon has improved and developed its services a lot, now it has a dynamic base of users who use Alexa. 

Even if you are looking to purchase Sony Xperia 1, Motorola One Action like devices, you will get some great apps, but it doesn’t make anyone feel like a new device. Amazon itself preloads some Alexa Built-In apps. However, you can disable those apps if you don’t want them on your mobile device. Those preloaded apps are open and can be disabled or uninstalled easily.

Sources :- Preloaded Amazon Services

Uninstall Preloaded Apps

Basically, Alexa Built-In apps are preloaded in several devices. The great thing is that you can easily or without hassle remove apps if you don’t want to use them. Some apps like Prime Now and IMDB are part of preloaded apps. You can uninstall more third-party apps if you don’t want them in the device. 

  1. “Open the app drawer” through the home screen.
  2. Choose the app that you want to uninstall.
  3. “Press and Hold” on the app and choose to uninstall the icon.
  4. Press again on “Uninstall” and “Remove” the following app.

The procedure will be the same for every app. You need to follow the same procedure in order to uninstall any unnecessary app. It will free the space from your device, and you will be able to install more preferred apps. There are some apps available that can’t be uninstalled, and in that condition, you need to disable those apps. Third-party apps can be uninstalled easily, but some preload or system apps can’t be uninstalled. So in the following conditions, disable these apps are the only option.

Disable Preloaded Apps

Some apps from mobile devices can’t be uninstalled and disable those apps are the only option to remove those apps from the drawer. Disabling those apps will remove app data, and those apps will not work again without permission. Now, this procedure is also simple.

  1. “Open the app drawer” through the home screen.
  2. Choose the app that you want to disable.
  3. “Press and Hold” on the app.
  4. Click on the “App Info” option.
  5. Click on the “Disable” option.
  6. Confirm “Disable” app by clicking on “Disable App” from the pop-up confirmation tab.

Once you do this, the following app will not show any notification or activity on your device. The data related to the app will be removed, including the updates. You will not receive any update information. You can only use it if you enable it again. After enabling the app, you can use it like other apps with proper updates and notifications.

Re-Enable the Disable Application

If you decide you want to use the application again, you need to put it out from the disabled zone. On Google Play Store, when you search the disabled app, you will see the enable option instead of install option. Enabling from there will enable the app which was disabled before. You can also enable it from the settings section, and here is the procedure of it.

  1. Launch “Settings.”
  2. Move to “Apps Section.”
  3. Check every application.
  4. Click on Apps drop-down section.
  5. Choose the “disabled app” option.
  6. Choose the app that you want to enable.
  7. Click on the “Enable” option.

Once you enable the app, you will see it in the app section. All the removed data will be gone, and the app will start working again. Set up the app from scratch and update the information and app as per requirement.

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