How to Turn Your Old Android Device Into a Cool Gadget

We live in a generation where people love getting new gadgets. With the arrival of advanced featured new devices and gadgets, the old gadgets become less valuable. Old Android gadgets go out of fashion in no time. Even when these old Android phones and devices are in perfect working condition, many people abandon these devices because of not much support from them when it comes to software updates. And some even throw them away. You can sell your old Android phone if it is not in good working condition. But, some people don’t want to sell them because of their personal stuff on their phone. Because sometimes, people forget to wipe out their whole old stuff from their phone while selling it. So, if your old smartphone is performing well, then you don’t need to sell it. So, what to do with our old Android phones and devices? How can we make them useful? If you are planning to buy a new Android device or any smartphone, what are you gonna do with your old Android stuff? You just have to find a suitable way to make the best use of your old Android phone and to utilize its potential. Check out this full article to have some ideas of how you can make the best use of your old Android devices and smartphones.

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Ways to Turn Out Your Old Android Phone And Devices into Some Cool and Useful Gadgets

There are some better options to make the great use of your old Android phone and devices instead of selling them on eBay, or trading them in for a new purchase. For example, you can turn them into a Webcam, Weathercam, small screen monitor and many more useful gadgets. So, don’t let your old Android devices or phones just be an emergency backup or a dust magnet kept in the drawer. Continue reading the article to have some more ideas of making your old Android stuff more useful.

Using it as a Free-Standing Security Camera for Your Home or Office

Why install costly security cameras for your home or office when you can use your old Android phone to watch over your valuables whether in your home or office. By using a third-party app on your old smartphone, the camera of your device will let you watch over your valuables in your homes or office. You can keep an eye on your home and office or anything from anywhere. You can also perform certain functions like video recording, capturing images or detect motion. You can download the free IP Webcam application or can have access to its pro version just at an amount of $4 to get your work done.

Turning it into a Digital Photo Frame for Your Office or Home

You can turn your old Android phone into a digital photo frame and can place it anywhere in your office or phone. You don’t need to buy those heavy or expensive paintings or glass photo frames. To turn your old smartphone into a digital photo frame, you just have to connect your device to a charger and download any photo from the cloud that you like from your main library. To do that, you need to tap on the Google Photos application, choose the pictures that you want to set as wallpaper, then tap on the three dots icon placed at the upper right corner of your phone screen and lastly, tap on the slideshow. And your job is done. You can place your digital photo frame wherever you want.

Using it as a Learning Tool for Your Kid

Your old tablet or Android phone might not be useful for you. But, it can be useful for the kids in your home. Studying from books can be boring for kids. So how can you develop interests towards studies in your kids? As we all know that theoretical; or bookish knowledge isn’t enough for the kids. So, make the best use of your old iPad or Android phone by turning it into a kid-friendly learning tool and let your kids get some practical knowledge. You can install some kid-friendly applications on your old smartphone or iPad like Kindergarten Kids Learning, Khan Academy, ABC Kids and many more and let your kid study from them. Don’t forget to install parental control on your old device.

Keep it as a Backup Option for Any Emergencies

You never know when your new smartphone stops working, or its battery gets damaged. You should always be prepared for such times. You must have a backup in case of any situation. Instead of throwing away those old Android devices, Always keep a backup phone in your bag or in your house for situations like, if your phone’s battery runs out, or you broke your phone, and it stops working, and you are stuck somewhere any time. You can at least call someone for help from that old smartphone, or you can call on the emergency number.

So, here you have at least some ideas of how you can make your old Android devices useful. These are some of the ways through which you can give lives to your old Android devices. Now, it’s up to you what option you choose to make the best use of your old Android stuff. For more amazing ideas like this, stay connected with us, and we will keep you updated.

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