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5 Best Recording and Tuning Android Apps for Musicians

Many people have a common misperception about the Android operating system, and one of them is that Android doesn’t have any good musician apps. However, this is not the truth at all. Instead, there are many excellent Android apps on Google Play Store that are good for recording and tuning your recorded music. In this article, we are going to talk about just that.  

Sources :- Recording and Tuning Android Apps

  • BandLab

GarageBand, one of the greatest apps for musicians for Mac, but BandLab is no slouch when it comes to basic and advanced features for a musician app. This app is a complete studio, and you can create complete music from scratch. Record while singing with music, and stay in tune with the help of AutoPitch features.

The best thing about this app is that you can also connect your instruments to play and sing at the same time. Now play the guitar and sing simultaneously with BandLabeven if you don’t own a Mac or iOS device. We strongly recommend installing this app to keep your music career going even while staying at home. 

  • Backtrackit

Want to create backing music to play or sing along with modern-day music then this app is a perfect option for you. It tells you what keys are being used in a track as well as which chords are being played. This allows you to learn to play instruments of a particular song. It might also help you with singing as well. It also allows you to slow down the playback to study a particular section of music carefully and help you master it.

  • HumOn

Another great app for recording and tuning your dream tracks and helping you master them. All you need to do is sing a song that you wish to your phone and then choose a genre provided in the app for your song. Then, the app will convert your melody song into a full-fledged composition. After that, it will allow you to edit the song and do certain things to it, such as record vocals, mix or arrange vocals, etc.

Any recording can be saved to a complete MP3 version that you can further share on social media or other music platforms such as Soundcloud, etc.

  • Pitched Tuner

One of the tiring things is tuning back your instruments when they are mistuned after a rough or long session, or possibly your young brother messed it up. Now, Pitched Tuner is an excellent and the most popular apps on Android for tuning the instruments such as guitar, violin, ukulele, flute, mandolin voice etc.   

  • The Metronome

The perfect alternative to Soundbrenner Pulse and help you stick to the time while playing or singing. It is a kind of digital metronome watch for Android phones, and it is pretty accurate according to reports. Just choose a time signature and then quickly add the desired tempo. Alternatively use the onscreen controls to set it manually. It is a perfect app for the people who don’t own a metronome watch but want to follow the timing.

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