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6 Search Engines That You Would Love to Use

Got bored with the old search engine and want to discover some new stuff with further features? Sometimes you may need to change the way you find the desired information with more relevancy, authenticity, and reliability. In this article, you are about to learn six best search engines of 2020 other than the most iconic one, Google.

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So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

1. Dogpile

This search engine is just remarkable. Thanks to its multiple databases that provide accurate and authentic results within a mere second. It has a neat and clean home page, and its every search engine result page contains a second search box to keep you searching furthermore and more unless you get the information you are looking for. Before Google showed up, it was one of the most popular and efficient search engines, but in 1990 many users left it and started lowballing it.

2. DuckDuckGo

A privacy-driven search engine with a simple objective, offering convenient data to users without ruining their identity and privacy. It has many unique features such as “Zero-Click” that enable you to get your answer on the first result page. Whereas it utilizes ads to earn some revenue, you can easily turn them off to completely get rid of them. This powerful search engine allows users to quickly scroll through multiple result pages to find the desired information quickly. If you don’t want search engines to use your private details, then it is the search engine you are looking for.

3.   Google Scholar

It is an academic variant of Google Search, but it is far different from the regular Google Search despite its being run by the same company. It is a perfect place to get quick answers to your questions. Its database is purely made from authentic reports, court and legal opinions, physics research documents, medical research information, and so on.

4. YippY

Thanks to its IBM Watson-powered innovation, it is one of the best metasearch engines. A metasearch engine is a tool that shows you results from other popular search engines. That means it basically doesn’t have its own database like Google. Instead, it uses indexed data from other search engines, but it compiles the result with its own intelligence. With this powerful tool, you can get the information that other single search might not offer.

5. Internet Archive

While it is not a complete search engine, as the name suggests, it caches all webpages on the internet for surprisingly long durations. If you want to find information that has been removed from the website manager or from the search engines due to some reasons, then just copy that webpage link and paste it here. WayBackMachine will show you how the webpage could have looked in the site manager has not removed it. If you find any webpage or site that no longer exists, search it on Internet Archive, and you will find a clone of that website for free.

6.  Bing

Many people prefer Bing over Google due to its appealing photographs and attractive themes. Moreover, it is a search engine powered by Microsoft, which means it is no slouch compared to Google Search. You can give it a try as well.

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