How to Start Your Podcast with Low Budget in 2020

These days when people can’t go outside for work, they might have pretty new ideas to be productive at home. One way to increase your productivity while staying at home is with starting a professional podcast business at home. Podcasting can help you become more highlighted in the business world.  Companies would love to advertise their services or products on your content if you successfully create a successful user base for your podcasts.

You can actually showcase your communication skills and talents by setting up your own podcast platform. A striking content in your podcasts is enough to build a user base of thousands regular users. Some people are even smart enough to achieve millions of subscribers. 

Sources :- Start Your Podcast with Low Budget in 2020

However, if you have talent, creativity, and skills to create impressive content for the listeners, you might be wondering how to start it all.

This guide will tell you how to begin a professional podcast program for the people that have a low budget but want a high-quality setup. You will also learn how to edit the clips, what software or hardware you need, as well as how to share it with the interested listeners.

Let’s get started. 

Step 1: Get the Hardware

In reality, if your computer is good enough, then you don’t need anything additional to get started. If your computer’s microphone records crisp and clear volume, then you are good to go.

Now when it comes to improving the quality of voice, you need to make sure that you have a quiet room. Once that done, find the voice recorder application on your device and start recording. 

When a mic used in your computer is not good enough and has a bit pathetic sound, and then you will need to buy a dedicated microphone. Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic is one of the best budget microphones that will provide crystal clear recording or streaming.

Step 2: Recording and Editing Podcasts

You should always prefer a computer to edit and customize your audio files for your podcasts to ensure the top-notch quality. People are even using their smartphones to create podcasts and edit it, but smartphones will never be smart and accessible like PC or Mac.

Audacity is the best software to record podcasts, manage and edit the audio files. It is completely free of cost and exceptionally easy to use. You can learn using it online as there are a lot of videos that describe how to use it like a pro.

It can edit your audio files according to your choice and improve the quality even further by removing the background noises.  

For Mac users, I would recommend Garageband software that is even better than Audacity.  However, it is only for Mac users.

Step 3: Sharing the Final Podcast with Audience

In order to get your podcasts published on well-known services such as Spotify, you will have to set up an RSS feed for your content. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication that is a method to be updated with news, trends as it is published on the internet. 

 You need to access a website known as Anchor to enlist yourself as a podcaster.  It is a platform where content creators create their podcasts and convert it into an RSS feed so the listeners can follow you and listen to your podcasts. 

Once your Podcasts gets enough plays, you will be able to monetize your Anchor account. 

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