Everything You Need to Know About Podcasts

You might have noticed that the podcasts are now becoming more popular than ever before. Wherever you go, you might have heard people talking about the podcasts. In today’s time, they have been popping up like daisies everywhere. And during this period of lockdown as per the epidemic situation of Covid-19, we have seen most of the people turning to podcasts for more entertainment in their free time being at home. What are you doing to fill up your free time at home? Have you listened to any podcasts yet?

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I am assuming you all might know some basics about podcasts. If not, then Google is your savior. But, I understand you might not want to go through Google in the middle of reading this article. So, you don’t need to don’t worry, and no need to go anywhere because here you will get to know some basics about using podcasts. But first, you need to know what podcasts exactly are. Please go through the full article to have a clear description of the podcast and let yourself understand how to listen to them. 

What are Podcasts?

For the ones who are completely new to the podcast theme, you can say they are a series of digital audio files that you can listen to on the internet. It’s like a radio talk show that you can listen to everywhere anytime whenever you want to. They are also like a TV show, just like the way you use to watch the episodes of your favourite serial on the TV.

In the podcasts also, you can listen to various episodes each with a different topic sometimes featuring some special guests. They are a great and a new way to keep yourself entertained whenever you get bored. This is like having your own customized radio station that you can take with you wherever and whenever you want.

Just like movie streaming services, podcasts also provide you with a vast range of audio shows, including various genres like crime, horror, educational, comedy and many more. It has been a significant competitor to pre-digital mediums like radio and TV. You can listen to live podcasts also as they come pre-recorded and are edited before their release. You even can listen to them on the offline mode also by downloading the episodes via your mobile data or WI-FI.

Remember when we used to listen to the radio back in the 90s? You can consider podcasts as the 21st-century radio where you can stream any episode of any genre without any limited standard format or length. They offer you to listen to various talk shows, audio dramas, language lessons and many more. With some incredibly popular podcasts like Joe Rogan, you can stream video episodes along with the audio episodes. Depending on the popularity, podcasts range from just a few chapters to hundreds of episodes. You can even subscribe to your favourite podcasts. It’s a great way to stay fit, learn new things and keep ourselves entertained. In fact, in my opinion, it’s a great way to make yourself more productive.

Like whenever you are doing something that is less mentally stimulating- like while driving, walking to your home from class, doing your laundry or anything – just put your headphones on and listen to any podcast at the same time. It is one of the most popular free forms of entertainment for a lot of people.

Have you ever realized what the reason behind the popularity of these podcasts is? The answer is simple. They are a huge moneymaker. And that is the reason why a lot of people have started their own podcasts. You can even download various podcasts apps that are available on the store for the users. That way you can download multiple episodes, subscribe to your favourite shows and can get notified about the latest released chapters. You can have a variety of topics to listen to on the podcasts. You can choose any of the issues. Being a new listener, you might be wondering how to listen to podcasts or where to start. No need to stress yourself. We’ve got the guiding steps for you that will tell you how to listen to them and where to start. Let’s have a look at that: 

How to Listen to Podcasts on Various Devices Including Android, iPhone, and Desktops?

Getting started with listening to the podcasts is trouble-free, and its steps are also simple to follow. Make sure you have a stable internet connection on your device. By downloading any podcasts application, you can get started with the podcast. And the most essential and beneficial part is they are free to listen. Now let’s have a look at the steps to get started with using the podcasts.

Listening to Podcasts on Android Devices

  • To listen to the podcasts on any of the Android devices, download the Google podcast app and install it on your device. If you want to try any other podcast app, there are a variety available on the store, namely Anchor, Castbox, Doggcatcher, Spotify and many more. You can download any of them.
  • Now, open the podcast app on your device, go through the menu and click on more episodes. You can now see a list of the available podcasts.
  • Tap on any of the topics to play it.

Listening to Podcasts on iDevices

  • Install any of the podcast apps on the browser and open it on your device.
  • Launch Siri on your device and say Play podcast, including the name that you want to listen to.

Now you can listen to any of the podcasts using Siri.

Listening to Podcasts on Desktop

  • Open Chrome and navigate to any of the podcasts’ websites.
  • Go through the list and click on any topic that you want to listen to. You can also subscribe to any podcasts using your desktop.

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