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How to Update Drivers on Windows 10

Drivers play a great role in every Windows device, and they help your device run smoothly with any website or application. The device’s hardware can’t run without the existence of these drivers on your system disk. So, it’s always recommended to make them updated by all means. If you keep your system drivers up to date, then you won’t experience any harmful issues related to the system.

Drivers work as a soul for each device, whether it is an internal or external piece or hardware as all these hardware devices need a driver to run. If the system runs out of outdated drivers, then your machine may face several issues, and then it becomes a difficult task to remove them.

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Pursue these under mentioned guidelines to know how to update a driver especially on Windows 10:

  • Issues due to Outdated or Corrupted Drivers

If your device is facing missing drivers, then the related function will get affected. For example: if your system’s graphic card driver is missing for any reason, then your device will face display issues. In this case, the sound system also affects the display and sound are correlated or interlinked with each other to provide you with a smooth viewing experience.

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 as a service, and it means that no edition of Windows will launch after the current Windows 10. Users will only allow availing various system updates of Windows 10. Sometimes, these updates make the drivers outdated or sometimes corrupted. In this case, tech enthusiasts always recommend checking for the up-gradation of your windows and updating it if necessary to the latest edition.

Note: If you are performing a task of Windows 10 update on your system, then it is advised to ensure and check for your driver update.

Here, we are providing a couple of ways to check for your driver update, and each section is very straightforward:

  • Using Windows Update Tools

Microsoft has made various partnerships with some big companies such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia etc. These companies regularly continuously introduce driver updates for their users through Windows Update Programs.

If you have a new ATI or NVidia graphics card, then you are required to update each of them to the latest edition.

In case you don’t know or forget how to check driver update status on your system, then we recommend you to follow these mentioned guidelines:

  • First and foremost, navigate to the Settings app.
  • Then, hit the option “Security and Update.”
  • Now, check for the latest update for your driver.  Also, ensure that your graphics or internal driver card is updated. These jobs avoid your device to get in contact with various harmful issues.
  • Using Device Manager

One can’t check driver updates accurately with the help of Windows Update; you have to use Device Manager for this task as it’s one of the most compatible ways to check drivers’ updates.

If you want to check each driver in a manual way, then it’s time consuming and may take hours of time for this task. With the help of Device Manager, you can check your driver update and update it frequently on your Windows 10.

  • First of all, you have to hit the Search tab.
  • Then, enter the keywords “devicemng” into the provided pane followed by the Enter key.
  • Now, after a while, the Device Manager page will launch.
  • A complete list of drivers will open on your device listed under Device Manager.
  • If you want to check for the driver update, then apply the right mouse click on the subsequent option and then select the tab available for updating driver software.
  • Once you have found that the particular update is appearing, then after a while the system will automatically install the respective driver update for your device.

Note: If you are not viewing any suggestions or updates, then it means that your existing driver is up to date to the latest edition.

  • Updating Drivers via Manufacturer’s Website

Windows 10 provides various features for its users as you can install the latest edition of drivers just by visiting the manufacturer’s site. Search for the reliable website for your driver update through Device Manager. If it fails to do so, then here we have mentioned some of the popular brand names, and you have to visit the respective site for upgrading your driver.

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