iOS Users Can Now Use the New Audio Tweet Feature

Gone are the days when a tweet had to be limited to 140 characters. The newest updates made by Twitter allow iOS users to send an audio tweet for 140 seconds. Yes, the microblogging site is rolling out the incredible feature for the Apple users.

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The company used its own platform to announce the great news. It said that at present, the feature is limited to only a handful of iOS users, but in the coming weeks, all iOS users will be able to share “audio tweets.” However, the statement has missing messages as it lacks any good news for Android users. The first few words of declaring the report were impressive in the tweet when it said, “you can tweet your voice!”

Earlier, Twitter allowed for only 140 characters in a Tweet. Eventually, the number doubled itself, and users started writing 280 characters in their Tweets. Yet, many found it restrictive. Not all messages can be briefed to 280 characters. Twitter addressed the issue in one of its blog posts and decided to add a “personalized human touch” to its microblogs. The feature is rolled out to eliminate restrictiveness in conversation and to revamp the usual ways of Tweeting.

Post Your Audio Tweets Today

If you are an iOS user, you are good to go. Remember, an audio Tweet lets you speak for up to 140 seconds only, so you have to make your voice messages concise and crisp. Can you find the tiny feather icon in the bottom-right? That’s where you have to tap to tweet a Tweet. Now, cross your fingers and look for a waveform icon somewhere besides the camera icon. If you have found the icon, it means that your device supports the new audio Tweet feature.

It’s time to record your Tweet. Hit on the waveform icon. Once you do that, you will need to hit on the Record button. Permit Twitter to get access to your microphone. Your recording starts at this moment. Speak for 140 seconds or less. Twitter will create a thread in case you speak for more than the given time. Tap on “Done” once you finish speaking.

Your profile picture demands your attention here. Your audio Tweet will carry your “profile picture” as a static photograph. Even if you update your profile picture, your image beside the audio Tweets will not change. While some don’t mind this, many aren’t very comfortable with the fact.

Another fact that’s interesting to talk about is that you can’t retweet or reply to a Tweet with an audio clip. Recording an audio Tweet is currently possible for fresh posts only.

If you want to listen to your audio Tweet from your timeline, there is nothing much you need to do. On the profile image of the account holder, simply press the play button. Playback of audio Tweets will begin in a new window, from the bottom of your Twitter timeline.

Twitter is all excited to see how this new feature works. Are you?  

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