How to Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

If you would like to cast your laptop to the TV through the network connection, it is a very simple task on Windows 10. But not everyone achieves favorable results. So, if you are facing some issues, then here are the instructions to help you with the same.

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Upgrade Network Drivers

The first step to fix the cast to device not working issue is by updating all your network drivers. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Firstly, you have to invoke the Device Manager on your device.
  2. After that, go to the Start Menu and right-click on it.
  3. Choose the Device Manager on the menu.
  4. Then right-click on the Network adapters that the network is linked to.
  5. You should select the Update Driver option.
  6. Go to the dialogue section that launches asking whether you would like to browse automatically or check locally for the newest drivers, pick the ‘Search Automatically’ option.
  7. Once the pop-up appears, enter the needed details.
  8. After you complete the installation, restart the system and check whether you are capable of repairing the issue of ‘Cast to Device not working.’

Enable Network Discovery

If you wish to try the enable network discovery, here are the steps for it:

  1. Hold the Windows and I buttons together on your keyboard to invoke the Windows Settings.
  2. After that, select the ‘Network and Internet’ option present beneath the Settings.
  3. You should choose the ‘Network and Sharing Centre’ option.
  4. Then select the option of ‘Change advanced sharing settings’ on the left side panel.
  5. Don’t forget to select the ‘Turn on network discovery’ option and close any open screens that have these settings.
  6. Now, try ‘Cast to Device’ then check whether you are capable of repairing ‘Cast to Device not working in Windows 10’ error.

Check for Windows Update

Users can try updating their Windows to resolve this issue. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Hold the Windows and I buttons together on the keyboard to invoke the Windows Settings.
  2. Thereafter, select the Update and Security option.
  3. You should click on the Windows Update option on the left side.
  4. Select the button of ‘Check for updates’ to look for any available and latest updates.
  5. In case any upgrades are pending, then you can select the ‘Download & Install updates’ option.
  6. Now, after downloading the updates, install them.

Check Streaming Choices

If there is an issue with your streaming channel, you can fix it in the following ways:

  1. Hold the Windows and S keys both together on your keyboard to invoke the Search section.
  2. After that, select the option of Windows Media Player through the search results.
  3. You should select the ‘Stream menu’ button at the upper left side of the screen.
  4. Select ‘more streaming options.’
  5. Don’t forget to choose the right network.
  6. Remember to grant permissions to access each library for streaming.
  7. Now, store the settings and check whether you are capable of repairing the error.


This article will help you find the cast’s issue to the device not working on Windows 10. We hope that the above tips can help you overcome the issue!

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