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How to Connect Your AirPods to a MacBook

Even if you have purchased the latest or second-generation AirPods, connecting them with your MacBook is easy. Pairing the two devices is as easy as you pair Bluetooth devices. However, many of the users find it difficult to pair up the two devices. But, if you follow the correct procedure, you can connect your AirPods to your MacBook much easier than you think.

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The use of wireless headphones among the people has increased a lot, and it has become an essential today. It can be a wonderful gift to the near and dear ones of the users if they prefer the products of Apple. It can be ideal even for those who used Windows desktop or laptops as the users can pair the two devices easily with AirPods. Moreover, AirPods have many features making it not only very useful but popular also. Apple’s AirPods are not only compatible with both Apple and Microsoft products but also light and compact. The absence of any cord in the AirPods makes it hassle-free to use. Once the MacBook users will pair up the AirPods, it will become a useful accessory for them. Besides, the AirPods will become much more helpful when it comes to enjoying streaming services such as HBO Max. The surge in video conferencing apps have made AirPods much more valuable as more and more people are working from home.

 Regardless, the AirPods you are using the way to connect it to the MacBook is quite the same. Whether you are using the AirPods Pro, or AirPods of the first generation or the second generation, these all will go through the same process. However, the process is somewhat easy to establish a connection between the devices, yet the problems like routine disconnections may happen. But, Apple provides a complete guideline to connect the devices. Also, it provides FAQs and other support for the people who are finding it difficult to connect the products of Apple.

Connect AirPods & MacBook in These Ways

To begin the connection process, the users will need to open the case of their AirPods. After then, push the small circular button available on the back of AirPods while holding it till the white light appears to you. The users can find the light displaying status between the earbuds inside the case. The light should be turned on white quickly, and then you will need to look for an icon of Apple on the MacBook located on the left corner at the top. Now, you will need to tap on System Preferences and then on Bluetooth. Sometimes, the users can access the setting through the icon of Bluetooth, appearing in triangular B shape to the left side of the Network’s icon. Further, you will need to list all the devices to be paired up and keep them in your reach. Now, choose the option Connect and click on it.

After the set up was made initially, the two devices will connect automatically when they come in proximity. The process is very much similar to connecting your devices and iPhone with AirPods. If your MacBook and AirPods are still not connected, then repeat the previous steps. Establishing a connection between your AirPods and MacBook is only the first step, you can use several features to improve your experience while using the two products.

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