4 Things that Xbox Series X Has Improved Over Xbox One

Microsoft is moving on to its new upcoming console Xbox Series X. Specification and design of this console have been revealed. Now everything about this new upcoming has been revealed except the price tag and release date. Microsoft has improved a lot of things on the console. Read on to learn more about how Xbox Series X has improved over Xbox One.

Sources :- Xbox Series X Has Improved Over Xbox One

An Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard players are currently using is the only dashboard in Xbox One. Microsoft is doing its best to make the dashboard more reliable and easier to use, but they have not succeeded in this completely. There are users who find the dashboard of Xbox One is quite confusing.

Well, the reality is that you can go in-depth on Xbox from the provided dashboard, but genuinely it is really tough for a player to see and choose an option. You can find several titles, sections, apps and menus also that make the dashboard tough to understand. However, in the upcoming console, there will be an improved dashboard that will be more intuitive.

Fast Installation While Using Disk

Having a physical copy of any particular game is a part of consoles. If you don’t want to download any game, you can purchase a copy of the game and keep it as long as you want. There are players who prefer to have a collection of games, and that is why they buy disk games. The only thing wrong with this is that when you install the game from disk to Xbox One, it takes a lot of time. Spending a huge time installing a game from the disk is absurd. Players are usually annoyed with this and that is why now Microsoft has improved Xbox Series X. With this improvement, you don’t have to wait so long for installing the game. 

Exclusive Blockbuster Collection

The competition between Xbox and PlayStation is always tough. Xbox Series X is another contender and a strong competitor of PlayStation 5. Indeed PlayStation provides blockbuster games whereas Xbox is quite weak in this section. In several sections, Xbox missed the mark, but there is a great collection of games that exist in the new Xbox. Now the company is adding more studios to provide more amazing games in the console. As compared to the previous version of Xbox, the latest Xbox Series X will come up with some more rocking games.

Use FastStart to Know More about the Game

The “Xbox Game Pass” is used by millions of players, and it’s great news for Xbox. Well, it’s a great deal for players, and recently Microsoft has released a new technology named FastCard. With the help of this technology, you will be able to download the game in half the time. You will be able to play more games in less time with this technology. Your time of downloading will now shrink which is great news.

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