Facebook’s VR Headset Prototype Looks Like a Pair of Cool Sunglasses

Researchers are trying to make a comfortable and good-looking VR headset. As per reports, Facebook is researching holographic optics design that can slim down the present VR headsets, which are bulky and heavy weight. There were rumors in May 2020 that Facebook is working on making the slimmest Quest VR headset. One thing is confirmed that Facebook’s VR Headset Prototype is much lighter and smaller, which is a good thing. 

In Siggraph 2020, a technical paper, Facebook has discussed their research on how holographic optics can make thin and lightweight virtual reality headsets. They have talked about their experiment in detail in that paper. 

Basically, it is a type of design in which thin layers of holographic films combine with each other to make a VR headset or display. Most probably, the size of the display of VR is similar to most of today’s smartphones (9mm to 11mm). The initial design of the VR uses a laser projection system that you have seen in your classroom projectors. There are additional backlights on the VR that can give a better viewing experience to the users. 

The glasses of the all-new VR have a resolution of 1,200*1,600 pixels and have a view of the field of 93-degree in the circle and 92*69 degrees in the rectangle. The resolution and the field of view are good and offer a clearer view. Even with these features, the all-new VR weighs 10 grams. 

There is more research and amendments that are required to get the best VR, but the new design by Facebook is quite convincing. Most of the VR displays make use of the refractive lens and have a curved piece of glass or plastic that makes those VR headsets bulky and thick. But there should be a proper distance between glass and eyes for obtaining the precise image on the lens of the VR. Instead of moving the light directly to the conventional lens, a holographic lens is part of the all-new Facebook’s VR. The holographic lens can bounce the lights on the display panel, which works like other VR headsets. 

Facebook says that they are currently working to achieve other color variants with their VR prototypes. It is carefully working on their research to provide a lighter and smaller VR, and they also hold the promise for changing the viewer experience from VR headsets. If you want more specific detail about the VR and its research, then you can read it on their official website. If these VR headsets become available in the markets, then it might be an expensive option especially in the beginning. However, after sometime, these headsets will become cheaper, which will be a great option. 

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