5 Best Alarm Clock Apps for your Windows PC

Many of us use the alarm clock on our phones. However, you can also set up alarms on your Windows PC. Here are some of the best alarm clock apps available for Windows users.

Free Desktop Alarm Clock

Free Desktop Alarm Clock has a cool looking user interface and comes with a customizable feature. The background color can also be changed to a transparent one if there is any color related issue. It has a variety of color skin which makes it unique from other alarm clocks. You can run this on Windows XP, Vista, Server 2000-2003, NT, and also in Windows8 and 10. The app is compatible with Windows 7 as well.

Alarm Clock HD

The number one app for Windows PC comes with limitless alarms, international clocks, radio player, picture themes, currency exchange rates. It includes Facebook feed and RSS feed as well.

Music Alarm Clock

By playing your favourite sound files in Music Alarm Clock, you can be at the top of your schedule. Modern Interface and easy to navigate to set and manage audio playlists. Version 2.1.0 has an option to shuffle/repeat playlist, easy to customize alarms, minimizes to the system tray. It has a feature to set multiple alarms that can be run daily, on any specific day, week, or month or if you want, you can run only once. A free alarm clock that lets you wake up using its default alarm.

Free Alarm Clock

It is user-friendly alarm clock software for Windows PC that is always with you. It comes with several tones and has full access to your music library; it also wakes up your system from sleep. The best feature of this alarm is, it turns on the volume if it’s mute. You can run this on USB or any of your portable devices. Labeling the notification to show activities to do, setting time, and sounds of your choice on each alarm are some other features of this alarm clock.

Cool Timer

Cool Timer is a classic alarm clock for your Windows PC. You can adjust or preset times, which makes it different from other alarm clocks. An additional feature to upload your collections of mp3 files or built-in sounds, setting reminders that will notify of why you selected this alarm is the features in this alarm clock. The Deluxe version of this clock makes it more powerful and versatile.

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