Instagram: Might Require its Users to Verify Their Identity Soon

Instagram could ask its most popular users for their identity verification.

There are enough reasons to believe Instagram is going to verify the identities of people very soon. This is alarming, but the chief goal is keeping the interactions and posts authentic.

The struggle of multiple social media platforms with the authentication of user identities is not new. All these have continued for years and are still going on, and the internet is extremely divisive due to anonymity also. Even people using major social media platforms like Facebook, where they need to use their authentic names, often turn aggressive or rude towards other users. They became rude or aggressive, even knowing the fact they are not going to interact with them in their real-life scenarios. Also, the distrust among people on social media platforms has been increased as they are employing suspicious policies regarding moderation and information.

Moreover, the controversies regarding it do not stop here. Instagram Could ask  its users to verify their identities to ensure transparency on the platform. A Twitter leaker Alessandro Paluzzi has posted a few screenshots with some menus. These screenshots of menus have been grabbed from Instagram through data mining. These menus are promoting some users to go through identity verification with their photo as ID proof. The whole process is appearing quite authentic and standard.

If the images are found accurate, then the users will need to upload a photo of their ID. The users can upload their images by taking a selfie from different angles in which their head and face should be visible. The specified box for entering text is promising that Instagram will not attach to the profile of the user from the ID. The identification types accepted by the Instagram app includes marriage certificates, driver’s licenses and passports.

The Recent History of Facebook: Make this Leak Viable

This concept of verifying identities may bother many social media users. But, if we consider the company’s words that it is doing it to ensure user safety, then it seems Facebook is willing to get the information to make its platform safe for users. The latest leaks are related to Instagram, particularly, but its parent company Facebook has also implemented very much the same policy recently.

In a blog posted by Facebook in March in the year 2020, the company requested identity verification from its users that became viral in the USA. While explaining its goal, the company said that they wanted the people to know who is behind that particular content seen by the millions of users. It becomes most important when particular content is reaching a large number of people. It can be a responsible step by the company to monitor the content that is influencing people in large numbers. Such steps will mitigate the impacts of several controversies that gained momentum through the platform of Facebook.

Moreover, it can be more helpful in making the users more informed. Since it is affecting only some profiles having high reach and so there is no need to consider it as a privacy invasion. Overall, there is no need to get worried for people who use Facebook and other social media platforms only for memes.

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