Is Google Keen the New Rival to Pinterest?

Approximately every year, Google launches several social networking services, and sometimes the general public also doesn’t get to know about the launch of these services. In 2011, Google launched Google Plus, which created lots of hype, but unfortunately, it closed down in 2019. In June 2020, the company quietly revealed that they are  working on some of the largest social networking projects. 

Sources :- Google Keen the New Rival to Pinterest

What Is Google Keen?

Initially, CJ Adams revealed the company is working on a project named Google Keen. He stated that the idea of the project came when his wife wanted to share links and information about her hobby. Adams planned to work on this project along with three members of Google. Their main objective is to create a platform from which you can share information and sources easier. 

These four members worked on the Keen as the official project in Google’s experimental division. They have tried to collaborate with the people and AI research team or PAIR. It is a system that is based on learning to help several people who will use this software. 

Platforms Are Available With Google Keen

Currently, you can use this service on a web application at Android users can use this service from an Application named Web wrapper. 

Google Keen Is Free Or Not?

There is no doubt that you can use this app for free. But for using this feature, you need to have a free Google account. If you don’t have any, then you can create one. 

How Google Keen Works?

You might find this service similar to the Pinterest service. After signing up with your Google Account, you can start working. You just have to type a title there. For instance, you may be interested in “The original Star Trek TV show.” For that purpose, you need to type “The Original Star Trek TV show” on the Web and Application. After that, you have to tap on the box that you will see on the bottom right corner. 

A new display will open in front of you that shows a series of Google search-related web links just based on your title. Just tap on the link that you want to open and again tap on the box that occurred in the bottom right corner. 

Then you will see a new Keen page. When you click on it, you will be redirected to the main page. You will find that there are three tabs on your Keen page. The first tab is an explorer, where you will see the links related to the subjects that appeared due to the Google search. There is another or second tab that is known as the Gems. You just have to tap or click on the gems icon to save your articles. And finally, there is a third or search tab that allows you to add and search for more topics on the Google Keen page

There is an option from which you can add or remove photos, links, and texts manually to your Keen page through the add button. With the add button’s help, you can add more or search more new sections to your Keen page. You can also see an edit button that allows you to add more individuals to your page. For sharing, there is a share button that can allow you to send the link from the Keen page to anyone or invite anyone to access or modify your page.

It uses a machine-learning process that can give you suggestions for links and content for the page regularly. 

Success Rate Of Google Keen

Currently, they are also working on this project to make it more successful. Many projects of the company’s Area 120 shut down, but some features from their projects became part of their other products or services. That’s why it is extremely interesting to watch the performance of this service.  The company is working hard for the success of this project. Let’s see the performance of the service and how people will react to this service.

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