With These Tips You Can Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and More With Friends

Due to the current scenario, many people are staying home. Movie theatres are closed, so; people need a better alternative. In that situation, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and many more are playing their part in providing the best content for their subscribers. But you might miss watching movies with your friends. 

There are several ways to watch movies or shows on these streaming sites online. There are few extensions on chrome or other web browsers that can let you watch shows with your friends online. Let’s look at some of the methods that can help you to watch Netflix with your friends. Some of them are officially recommended by streaming sites like HBO, Amazon, Hulu, and Prime Video content. 

Netflix Shows And Movies

Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Watch Party is a well-known  extension, and you can use it to watch movies with your friends. It only works with Chrome. Follow these steps for set-up:

  • First, install the Netflix party extension from Chrome.
  • Now open it on your PC and go to the Shows or movies section.
  • There you will see an “NP” option next to the Chrome address bar. Tap on it.
  • Then tap on the start party and send the URL of the page to your friends.

There you will find a chat bar that will let you connect with friends while watching the shows. You don’t have to pay for the extension, but you can support the page so that they can upgrade their features.

Scener (Netflix and HBO)

It is a recent addition, and it is a Chrome extension of your PC. Follow these steps to do this:

  • First, create a free account on their official website.
  • Again, install the extension on your chrome.
  • There you will see create a private theatre option from the extension and choose Netflix from there. 
  • Now, select the movie or show that you want to watch with your friends. Finally, send the URL to your friend. 

Like the Netflix Watch Party, you can chat over the text, audio, and video with your friends online. Currently, the company is working on the compatibility of the service on iOS and Roku versions.

Scener also collaborated with HBO due to which the subscribers of scener can access HBO subscription. At the same time, 20 users are allowed to use this application. 


If you want to watch Netflix with friends while traveling, then Rave can do it for you. iOS and Android users can use this application. You can create your own mashup and upload them like Google Music. 


The last method to watch Netflix with friends is the Kast, formerly known as the Rabbit. Apart from Netflix, it also supports YouTube and other services. You can download it for free, but need to pay $4.99 per month for getting the premium service. 

Amazon Prime Videos

Twitch Watch Parties

It is the official streaming service by Amazon. Amazon recently launched this feature to host the watch party feature. Amazon Prime subscribers can run the watch parties on this streaming service for free. 

  • You can’t use the service from your mobile, Smart TV and consoles, but it works well with the PC. 
  • Follow these steps for better functioning of the service:
  • Create a Twitch account, if you already have, then good.
  • Tap on the Twitch username/icon that you will see on the top right corner. After that, select the Creator Dashboard option.
  • From there, select the Home menu and then tap on the “Stream Manager.”
  • From the right side of the screen, choose Quick Action, and then select the Watch Party from there.
  • There you will find all the shows of the Amazon Prime Video that you can watch right now.

Now, you are ready to watch the shows and movies online. 

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

The company has other watch party options for those who want to watch prime content with their friends online. It is available for Prime Video users for the web users in the US.  

But for this method, you don’t need an extension or app separately. Just go to the Prime video website from your desktop, go to the movies or TV shows section, and choose the content you want to watch. Share the URL to watch with your friends. 

There you will find a section on the right side of the page where you enter your name. Type your name and then tap on the “Create Watch Party.”

There is a URL created by the application, and you can send it to anyone in your family or friends. The only condition is that they must be the Prime video members to access the watch party in the US. 

As a host, you have access to control the video that everyone is watching. You can pause, rewind, or fast forward during the watch party. Around 100 people can watch this show, movie, or video with you. 

So, these are few but effective ways from which you can enjoy Netflix and other streaming sites with your friends online.

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