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Where’s Nintendo Among the PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Hype

Has Nintendo got anything impressive or significant in 2020 so far? Absolutely nothing excluding the anticipating title known as Paper Mario: The Origami King. Sadly Nintendo is utterly silent in 2020- No major title release, no significant updates, etc. 

Sources :- Nintendo Among the PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Hype

Users are still relying on the previous year’s video games, and the buzz of last year won’t last much longer. Nintendo has become a little pathetic compared to other video gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation

These days, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been rolling out exciting surprises for their users and luring them with new updates and titles. The half-year has been hushed for Nintendo, and we only got Paper Mario: The Origami King to wait for.

Whileit has remained silent, other popular video gaming companies have planned to launch new gaming consoles this year. So, does this mean Nintendo users might switch to other services this year?

Nintendo and Next Generation Gaming Consoles 

What would be the price? When would the next title roll out? Would fans be ever able to play Halo Infinite gameplay? These kinds of questions might be humming inside the video game nerds’ mind. Keep in mind that these questions have nothing linked to our Nintendo. 

So what does this all mean?

In simple words, those waiting for Halo: Infinite, the game might never come to the Nintendo Switch console. I know it is pretty disappointing news for the Nintendo users, but that is true. 

Now the question is if Nintendo Switch can’t arrange Halo: Infinite, then why doesn’t Nintendo launch a new, more powerful console?  

Some users are waiting for Nintendo to announce a few new video games for this holiday season. Many are asking, where are the latest Nintendo games to this vacation season? Where is the next update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild 2

Despite these reasonable questions, Wii and Wii U are launching a new video game, and the title is 14 years older.   

A Unique and Anticipating LineUp  

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has still managed to hold its own among the video gaming enthusiasts. However, that would not last for much longer, and eventually, users will burn out. Several users claim that the New Horizons is only popular so far due to the global outbreak and lack of enough new titles. When other new titles would arrive, the buzz of New Horizons might instantly subside. 

There could be a sudden collapse in Animal Crossing’s massive user base, possibly in millions once the world opens again. 

It is not even apparent whether the company wants to make thrilling video games anymore. They are providing feeble Pokemon apps such as Smile and Sleep. Has Nintendo decided to be a motivational speaker instead of a video game developing organization? 

Nintendo’s new title is rolling out known as Pokemon MOBA, which is not a top-tier Switch video game. Despite these low tier games, they are advertising only more niche video games like Paper Mario. Let’s see how they will manage to keep their fans in leftover 2020.

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