How to Save the Game in Deadly Premonition 2

The much-awaited sequel of Deadly Premonition has finally arrived. Gamers across the globe have started already exploring and are quite busy with it, thanks to its widespread area. Although, a lot of criticism has blown up around the world for the presence of several technical issues in the game. However, still, the game manages to become a success, thanks to its unique survivor-horror genre and inherited popularity from the franchise.

The world of Deadly Premonition 2 comes with a maze through which surviving is more complicated than its prequel. Alongside, gamers are even worried about knowing the ways also to save the game. Thus, in this article, we are going to help the players in understanding the ways to keep the game in Deadly Premonition 2.

Saving the Game

Gamers can save their game in Deadly Premonition 2 through various methods, and the first one is to go to the main menu. Afterwards, players need to tap on the option of Save/Load option to save their game successfully. The second and one of the simplest ways to save the game in Deadly Premonition 2 is to make a phone call however it is only possible when gamers find a public telephone booth around them; with a gentle press of A button, they will be allowed to interact with the phone, and thus their game will be saved. Although there are numerous public telephone booths orientated at least distance to each other, however in a matter of immediate danger or hurry, gamers will not be able to save it. Thus, in such circumstance’s players must use the first method to save the game through the main menu.

need to use the telephone saving method quite wisely to hinder the attack of enemies, especially Zombies. In the prequel, we often encountered Zombies trying to guard the saving location against ambushing the gamers. Thus, we advise players to keep on changing the telephone location to avoid Zombies trouble. Players can also hide some of their weapons around the telephone booth to fight with the enemies to gain extra time to save the game. Both the ways are quite simple; however, we advise the gamers to use both of them according to the need. It is not correct to rely on anyone because it will help the enemies in ambushing.


The following article contains information about the method of saving the game in Deadly Premonition 2. We have provided the two most possible methods in this article. In the end, we wish that all the gamers who have visited this article will succeed in learning the ways to save the game.

Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Deadly Premonition 2 on Nintendo Switch.

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