Pokemon Go: How to Battle Jessie and James

The infamous Pokemon Franchise characters, Jessie and James along with Meowth, have finally added to Pokemon Go. After a long wait, gamers have finally been able to fight with the preferable villain of all time in the anime world. Although, it is not the first time for Meowth to enter the world of Pokemon Go. He has been there before during a crossover event amongst Pokemon Go and Pokemon anime. Now, he has again accessed the Pokemon Go premises along with his teammates Jessie and James. In this article, we are going to provide a guide to battle Jessie & James in Pokemon Go. The following process is quite simple but a bit complicated, so we advise the gamers to read it carefully to get rid of making any mistakes.

About Jessie and James

Before proceeding further let us first brief the gamers about Jessie and James who are not familiar with them. Jessie, James and Meowth are the original face members of Team Rocket in the popular anime franchise Pokemon. The prime purpose of Team Rocket is to seek valuable Pokemons, and during this journey, they see Ash; the centerfold character of the game along with his Pokemon, Pikachu. Jessie and James found Pikachu immensely powerful, and thus they decided to steal it away from Ash.

Therefore, they often try to steal Pikachu but always Ash and his team that includes Brock and Misty manage to get over them. This story is a reminiscing factor for the gamers to demand a debut of Jessie and James in Pokemon Go. However, Nintendo takes too long to fulfil it. So now that players have the opportunity to face Jessie and James in the Pokemon Go’s arena, they need to know the ways to start the fight. Below we have provided a specific guide to battle Jessie & James in Pokemon Go.

How to Battle Jessie and James in Pokemon Go

First, gamers need to be aware of the hefty Meowth Balloon, which is the ideal transporting medium for Team Go Rocket. Gamers need to find the Balloon using the map and to do it with more ease; players must enlarge the map view. Once gamers have succeeded in finding the Balloon, then they need to click on it to start the battle with Jessie and James. However, now players have to fight specifically with Jessie, then James. However, if gamers are unable to find the big Meowth Balloon, then it probably meant that they hadn’t accomplished the necessary tasks from Go Fest. So, it is required first to complete all those tasks and then starts challenging Jessie and James.

The Pokemon franchise is considered one of the most famous across the world. There have been many anime series, movies and video games available in the market. When Pokemon Go arrived for the very first time, it created a history of being the world’s most played game. Now, the record has been broken by its fellow video game member known as Pokemon Sword and Shield in November 2019. We believe that it is just the beginning; thus, there is so much to come in the future in Pokémon’s franchise.

Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Pokemon Go on iOS and Android devices.

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