How to Open a Program on Monitor from which it was launched?

Windows 10 offers several features for its users, such as using multiple desktops on one PC, but it lacks various functions such as advanced customization options. Once the application launches, the related user interface needs to download a specific third party app.

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You might know how to run multiple screens from a single computer, but if you wish to optimize the workflow, then you will need to customize how apps open and display their screens.

There is no direct way to launch programs on the monitor from which it was launched on Windows 10. You have to perform some workarounds to make it done.

Follow these instructions to launch programs and apps on the monitor from which it was expanded earlier.

Making Windows 10 Programs Remember Which Monitor it was on?

One of the easiest methods to enable the application to expand on the particular monitor it was expanded earlier from Windows 10 device is to run a specific dedicated software solution. In case you find it impossible to download or use the software advised in this blog, you have to perform some workarounds.

Using Dedicated Software Solution to Launch a Program on Specific Monitor

  • In the beginning, download and install “DisplayFusion.”
  • After that, perform a right-click on the system tray icon of DisplayFusion and then choose the Settings option.
  • Press the Triggers option by navigating the left-hand side section.
  • Then, hit the Add tab.
  • Next, ensure that the marked box “Trigger is enabled” is checked properly.
  • Now, choose the section “Window Created” from the selection bar of “Event.”
  • Go to the tab “Frequency” and then choose the option “Always.”
  • Navigate to the Match Conditions and then choose the option “Process Filename.” It’s the app whose Windows you wish to expand on a particular window.
  • Now, leave each and every section and then tap the Add button there.
  • Navigate to the Add menu and then choose the option “Move Windows to Selected Monitor.”
  • A prompt will come, and then you have to select the monitor that your desire the app’s window to expand from.
  • Hit the OK tab to proceed.
  • Go to the Settings display and then press the Apply button followed by the OK tab.
  • Now, try to run the app to view whether Windows is launching on the correct monitor or not.
  • Every window that is created from this particular app will expand on the chosen window. It includes save and open file prompts. You may configure it by enabling and including the more match conditions of triggering features and modifying the Frequency level.
  • Applications such as “DisplayFusion” can be very helpful for users having qualities to combine various displays. It includes gamers, designers, office professionals, hobbyists etc.
  • Users may also set screen savers apart from managing multiple monitors on a specific application. You may access easy windows snapping, taskbar customization and setting up Windows position profiles.

Performing Drag, Drop, Open and Close Features to Modify Which Monitor the Program Opens on

  • First and foremost, you have to run the desired app.
  • Launch the mouse to drag manually to the monitor that you wish to launch it in default mode.
  • Then, close the particular window or app completely.
  • After that, you have to launch it again.
  • If this process doesn’t work on the first attempt, you have to try it once more. Sometimes, maximizing and minimizing the particular window helps a lot. It may not be the most efficient method of customizing and managing the default screen when the application or program launches on its own in Windows 10.

Opening Program on Specific Monitor of Windows 10

  • Users may use the program “DisplayFusion” for making modifications about which display a program launches.
  • The program enables the users to toggle which display the particular program launches on.
  • DisplayFusion might be a good option, but several other programs provide dual-screen features that help in this matter.
  • When you restart the device, the program will go back and execute the process for expanding the window on the primary screen.

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