Formats for Optimizing Web Pictures Without Compromising the Quality

Pictures are the best way of conveying your idea effectively. Sometimes words can be confusing, but with pictures, you can depict exactly what your thoughts and ideas are. Due to this fact, choosing apt images for websites and pages is very important. It helps in making a good impression in front of people who come across your web page and read your content.

Sources :- Formats for Optimizing Web Pictures Without Compromising the Quality

Humans have the senses of responding to visuals much promptly. They respond more to images than texts and paragraphs. Hence, pictures have the capacity of attracting people as well as drawing them away. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of your pictures determine how much time your page will take to load. This determines the viewership your page gets. Ideally, your webpage should take two seconds or less than that to load. Hence, choosing what type of media you want to upload matters so much. To make your webpage load faster, consider compressing your images. There are a lot of tools available that lets you do so without compromising with the quality of your image.  This will make your website’s content more attractive without facing much loading time.

All you have to do is let your picture run through some applications that will reduce the file size of your image. When you compress your image, there are two types of algorithms used. One is lossy which will compress your image and also reduce its quality. The other is lossless which will reduce the file size and also maintain the quality of your picture. Few types of image file formats that are lossless are:


Most types of images you will find on the internet are of JPEG format and therefore it is the best type of file. JPEG smartly decreases the size of the image file by eliminating the data of the image that cannot be noticed with bare eyes. However, the smaller you compress the picture, the more it gets pixelated. Therefore it can be said that JPEG employs lossy compression which cannot be reversed.


GIF uses both lossy and lossless compressions. It usually targets the image color while compressing. Generally, an image file has an 8- bit color palette and a maximum of 256 colors. While compressing, GIF reduces the number of colors in the image and replaces large patterns with the small ones. Suppose your image has less than 256 colors, in that case, the quality of the image will almost remain unchanged. However, if you are compressing a full-color picture, almost all of the colors will be compromised.


TIFF also uses both lossy and lossless ways to compress an image. However, it is quite impossible to compress such files as they maintain a high amount of picture quality. Therefore the file size is also high which can take up larger space and take a long time in loading and transferring. Otherwise, these files are the best for graphic storage as well as printing.


PNG format uses a lossless way of compression. That means pictures can be redeemed to their original format. Just like GIF, it uses picture patterns while compressing the file. The format uses a maximum of 256 colors and an 8-bit color palette.

The responsiveness of your website largely depends on the size of your images. If your images are compressed, your website will be perfectly optimized. Else, heavy images will make your webpage laggy, and it will take a lot of time to load, which will make viewers close your webpage before it loads.

It is also to be kept in mind that neither too large nor too small images are ideal. Too large images will make your page slower and too small pictures will be of very low quality and disappoint the viewers. Therefore, consider using square dimensions for your pictures. This dimension will maintain the quality of the image and optimize the webpage correctly. Alongside this, square pictures are scalable and can be utilized anywhere.

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