Accessories to Buy With Your iPad Pro

The latest iPad Pro is a perfect device if you want to replace your MacBook with an even lighter and more portable device. The device has an option to connect to a keyboard and convert it into a computer to suit everyone’s needs. The latest model is equipped with better features and operating software than any of its previous counterparts. Here are examples of some accessories for you to pair with it to make it more accessible:

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This sketch features all the essential gear I use daily with my iPad Pro

Apple Pencil

For all those who purchase the iPad Pro from the purpose of education or artistic advancement, the Apple Pencil is essential with your iPad Pro. The pencil makes all the functions much more accessible. You can use an iPad Pro as a notebook. It allows you to scribble, draw, paint, take notes, and much more. It is an experience of the notebook but better since it is easier to store all the data without any fuss. Writing by hand is any day faster than typing on the keyboard. The pencil is equipped with a 9ms latency so that it draws and writes identically to a pen.

Smart Keyboard

For those who buy the iPad Pro with the intent of using it as a tablet, they do not require it. But if you want to convert the iPad Pro into a laptop as per convenience, you must invest in the Smart Keyboard. It becomes a more significant need for people who have to type much frequently and find the iPad inconvenient for that purpose. Students who have to type emails, notes, projects, and other such documents should get one soon.


For the first time in the line of iPads, the device decided to part ways with its lightning port and incorporated a USB C port. This variation from the usual path ensures that the iPad Pro is a far more superior device in terms of productivity as compared to its previous variants. The users generally call the C port as the “final port” because it has a plethora of functions. Pairing it with a USB C hub will let you access an HDMI port, SD card slot, and a USB-A port at the same time. You do not even have to stop charging to get access to these ports.

Airpods Pro

The reception of this product by Apple was with a mixed review, and the people were generally not very excited about it. Still, if you want a wireless earphone to pair with your iPad Pro, then Airpods Pro is the best way to go. Even though the original Airpods will pair well too, but the Airpods Pro are better if you are not running on a tight budget. The connection is smooth, and the quality of sound is exquisite. There is no abrupt disconnection to ensure that you do not have any disruptions in your experience.

30-Watt USB C Charger

The box of iPad Pro holds a charger with it, but that is not the best quality of charger out there in the market. The 18-Watt complimentary charger may be fast, but it is not fast enough to fit in everyone’s busy and fast-paced lives. For people who are highly impatient and hate to wait for the devices to charge, they must turn their focus to the 30-watt charger.

Smart Folio Case

If your purpose of buying the iPad Pro is to use it more like a tablet and less like a computer, then a Smart Folio Case is a must-have. With the Smart Keyboard, the screen rests and attaches to it, but without the Smart Keyboard, you need the Smart Folio Case to act as a resting stand and a protective layer at the same time. The case is available in a wide range of colors to suit the needs of different types of customers and keeps your device scratch-free, safe from any screen damage, and clean. It also helps the device stand up to an angle to make video streaming convenient.

Portable Battery Bank

Unlike other Apple devices, the iPad Pro has an excellent battery life and works for a solid ten hours at full battery. But at times, you tend to under calculate the time you need the iPad Pro to run for and be at risk of it shutting down. It will not be an issue if you are at home or office with an accessible power source nearby, but in situations like long car rides, this can be very inconvenient, and you may also lose all your work so far. To avoid such an inconvenience from happening, invest in a good power bank.

The iPad Pro is a device that suits all the users. You can be an artist, a student, or a business professional; all your computer needs can be tended by the iPad Pro. The sleek and smart design, coupled with all these accessories, will ensure that users ignore all of its possible limitations.

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