Adobe Creative Cloud: A Detailed Review

You may find Creative Cloud a bit expensive at first, but if you go through it deeply, then you will definitely realize what all it is providing and for a reasonable price. Also, it does have a free trial for the newcomers. In Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you get access to all the applications related to the making of the content. Adobe is unmatched as it has a wide range of software that can easily run on Windows and Mac. You can access the software through monthly subscriptions that you will have to renew every month to keep on using them. There are many advantages of this type of service as you will remain attached to the creative cloud and get the newer updates for your PC or laptop whenever available.

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Adobe Creative Cloud: Software and their Prices

You can either pay for the complete set of software on a creative cloud or pay for individual apps according to your requirements. Adobe offers you both the option. You will, however, get huge savings on the inclusive package, but if it is not required, then you can go for an individual app as well. Below we have mentioned the pricing for the packages for individuals, educational institutes, students, and the business enterprise.

If you are an individual user, you can opt for the “Individuals” package where you will get all the apps and a 100GB online storage space on a monthly price of $52.99. You can even opt for individual apps like Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, illustrator on a fixed monthly price of $25.49 for each one of them. We will recommend you to opt for an inclusive package if you are planning to purchase even two of the apps. As you can see, in only the addition of nearly $2 more, you will get the monthly access to all the apps. You can learn using those apps, and they can come in use in your later works.

If you are a student or a teacher of any respective organization, you will get the complete package including all the creative cloud apps at the cost of only $19.99 for a month, and this monthly price will be applicable for the first year. After the first year is complete, the monthly pricing will increase to $31.86. This will still be less than the monthly price that individual users will be paying from the very starting.

If you want to purchase the inclusive package for your team, you will have to pay a reasonable cost. The “Teams” package has a pricing of $79.99 for a month for the inclusive package and $33.99 per month if you wish to choose an individual app for your team. These prices are even higher compared to the packages for individuals. However, there are various resources you get when you purchase the “Teams” package. You will get 1 Terabyte of online storage space, a collaborative video editing feature, and much more.

You may find Adobe’s plans a bit more expensive than its competitors, but of course, if you want excellent service and a wide range of tools to work on, you will have to pay more than other options available in the market. You will also see that the apps of Adobe are integrated, which enables you to switch your work among them very easily.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Online Working

You can also work online with other users. Your data will be saved online in the storage space which Adobe provides you with your package. You can select the data that you want to share online with others. Also, when you subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you get access to Adobe Stock photography, website building templates, footage, and many more assets. You can download them for free to use in your projects.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Cloud Control

Your downloaded assets, be it website building templates, footage, or photography, can be accessed from any computer you are working on. You can also contribute your own assets to the Adobe Stock. However, it will require written permission from every individual involved in the making of the asset. And once you have done that, you can contribute your asset, and you will get royalties when an individual uses your assets on their projects.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Summary

Adobe’s Creative Cloud offers you a lot of features on the money you pay for it. It provides you apps to create content, the online storage, and also the collaborative features to work on the online projects with your colleagues. It keeps you updated with all the latest software updates. All this makes it a value for money deal, and you get a lot more for the price that you pay.

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