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Best Hurricane Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

Hurricanes are one of the most unfortunate calamities which have a high destruction rate. So to keep yourself prepared, you must use a hurricane tracker app. There are plenty of weather tracking applications one can get on their tablets or phones. And most of them alert you when a storm approaches any location closer to you. If you or your close ones are living in any such area which is more prone to harsh climates, then read this article till the end. In this article, we will discuss some best hurricane trackers for phone devices. All these applications work on both iOS and Android devices.

Sources :- Hurricane Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

Storm Radar

Storm Radar is a fantastic application to track weather. It is available in both iOS and Android devices. And the users can also use the web version of the app on the browser. It has multi-layer map overlays for different climatic factors like temperature, local alerts, storm tracks, hurricanes, etc. Storm Radar also allows options to customize the map in the application.

It has a friendly user interface that offers the users a straightforward and convenient view of weather conditions from any location on the map.

The free version shows lots of advertisements. For an ad-free experience, one needs to get the paid version.

Hurricane by American Red Cross

Hurricane by American Red Cross is another useful application for you and your loved ones. It is a hurricane tracker app that notifies the users about the danger before and after any climatic extremes and also alerts you when your loved ones are in danger. You can add anyone’s location from your contact list on the map, to ensure that whether your family or friends are safe during any such storms. Its “I’m Safe” feature is also a great way to mark yourself safe during such calamities and tell people that you are not in danger.

American Red Cross provides an easy way to monitor any kind of alarming climatic change. The users can access the information even without a data connection, which is the most convenient feature of the application. It includes alert alarms like a flashlight, or alarm siren when there’s a possibility of a storm in the location. The user can use the software in two languages, English and Spanish.

My Hurricane Tracker

My HurricaneTracker is the most straightforward application in the list. It has the most basic interface for its users. The amazing thing about the software is that it is free. My Hurricane Tracker is available for both iOS and Android devices. The application shows all information regarding the starting point of the hurricane, when it started, and where the forecasted destination is. It alerts the users whenever the tracking device is updated. It provides access to many features which are also very easy to use. The software also reveals the exact coordinates of the hurricane. My Hurricane Tracker also allows the users to access the current situation and updated information even if the internet connection is weak.

NOAA Weather Radar

NOAA Weather Radar is another fantastic application in the list. It also provides layered maps. The app also alerts the user from other dangers like coastal flooding and tornadoes. It shows seven days forecast for any location. However, the hurricane tracking feature is free for only a week and users have to pay to use it for longer.

This concludes the list of the best hurricane tracking applications for your iOS and Android devices.

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