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Fans Can Rejoice Watching Shameless Season 10 on Netflix

American comedy-drama television Shameless has clicked with the audience over the past couple of years because of its interesting storyline. This is also one of the main reasons why the American adaptation has ten seasons to its credit from the time it first premiered in 2011. One other reason owing to its popularity is the show’s availability on online video streaming giant Netflix.

Sources :- Rejoice Watching Shameless Season 10 on Netflix

Shameless Season 10 Without Emmy Rossum’s Fiona

Ardent fans were waiting for new episodes to drop, but they didn’t have to wait no more. The latest season of Shameless US, i.e. season 10 is available on Netflix. However, the ensemble will continue the story minus Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher). Rossum decided not to reprise her character after the end of season 9 because she wanted to pursue other acting projects.

The end of season 9 saw Fiona leaving with $50,000 to start a new life away from her family and friends. Since her character was not killed off after the previous season ended, there is a possibility that Rossum might return to the comedy-drama show if the makers plan to make a few more seasons.

Season 10 shows Lip (Jeremy Allen White) waiting for the birth of his child with Tammy (Kate Miner). The latest season also showcases that the characters of Mickey (Noel Fisher) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) are still serving jail time together.

Debbie (Emma Kenney) is all set to take over the Gallagher household with her sister Fiona no more in the scene. Viewers also see Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) dealing with a leg injury, and Carl Gallagher (Ethan Cutkosky) continues to figure out how to deal with life after his military tenure. The character of Liam (Christian Isaiah) is still trying to figure out his identity.

A Glimpse Into the Lives of the Gallaghers

If you have a look at the official trailer of Shameless season 10, they have taken things up a notch in terms of comedy, drama, and relationship the family shares with each other. The trailer shows how Debbie has assumed the role of the head of the house. A few seconds into the trailer, Debby tells Frank she is not Fiona, and he needs to learn how to wash his stuff on his own. Viewers can also see Frank in a miserable condition and in one of the scenes, he states that a whole inheritance is waiting for him, but Debby is holding it hostage. The trailer ends with a party in a fully decorated house with people in sports jerseys.

Season 10 has a total of 12 episodes with the last one titled “Gallavich!”. According to reports, Season 11 will be the last and final season of the hit comedy-drama series Shameless. However, filming of the final season was halted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Shameless: The Story of a Dysfunctional American Family

Shameless is an American comedy-drama series developed by John Wells which premiered for the first time in January 2011. The American version is an adaptation of the British series of the same name.

The show revolves around a dysfunctional family living on the south side of Chicago. It is a show developed for Showtime and holds the title of the longest-running original show in the American premium television network’s history.

The comedy-drama series showcases the life of a dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher. Frank is a single father raising six children. His character is of a drunkard while his children are shown taking care of themselves. The makers of Shameless wanted to show how Frank’s alcoholic tendencies affect his whole family. The show has been created by Paul Abbott and features an ensemble cast headlined by Hollywood A-listers Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy.

It is a disappointment that Shameless is coming to an end with season 11. However, we can wait for the final season and enjoy the story of the Gallaghers one last time on television.

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